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Welcome to Bestpornsitespay!

So you wish to find out a bit more about us? Then lean back in your chair and read our short introduction to see what our ultimate goal is. To put it short, we endeavor to provide you with thorough, honest and real reviews of adult entertainment sites, so you can find out where to spend your hard-earned money without being scammed and cheated. 


The reviews

The main criteria we consider while reviewing the sites are:

  • amount of content
  • quality of content
  • frequency of updates
  • interface

We don’t do hit’n’run reviews: we ask the site owners for a pass, and we return regularly to each site we inspect. This way we can recommend you only those networks and portals which update regularly, while those who stop get a note. If it’s possible we try to find out if a closed site has its content anywhere else; so in case your favorite goes down, you can still enjoy the content from it.
How do we do this? First, we take a look at what’s new, what’s popular or what sites our readers recommend or miss. We set our list of priorities, and then start digging.
Our experts of data collecting and background checking start to look around the web for the technical information like rankings, IP range, and the like.
Also we check the companies and the studios to make sure they are legitimate. As we value our readers’ opinion we take a look at forums, blogs and comments to find out about the user experience a site offers. And of course, we contact the owners, and ask for a pass to see the inner section… believe us, if we get in, we tear the place to atoms no matter how long it takes. This pile of information is what we knead into a review.

In the adult entertainment industry it’s always good to know who you are working with and for. Here on Bestpornsitespay we work closely with the site owners and admins, while whatever we do, we do it for you.

the team

The team

Our team of reviewers consists of two types of people: techs and writers.
The roles are sometimes shared and mixed up, but what our geeks dig up, the writers shape into a review. Our experts are always drilling down to the core, and they use every public and hard to find information to make sure the site you are considering is not some fake, cheating one.
During the long hours of research and analytics our team of nerds inspect the site’s Page Ranks, consider Domain Authority, while they also try to follow the algorithms of Google.

We are ordinary guys and gals who like porn

We are dedicated to work in this arena, no matter how hard is the competition. Though we enjoy watching a good porn video now and then, we always consider the ratio of value and quality in accordance with quantity. If you miss a site, Contact US, and we will take look. However, if a site is not here, we probably failed to get in, which means that owner has butter on his head.

Our team has experts of several fields

We even have a sexologist and a psychologist too, but probably our strangest bird is those with a Philologist’s degree. We represent the average people of the age-range of 20-45, while we literally come from all around.
So, that’s all about us, we hope you find it satisfying enough. Our varied bunch of webmasters, experts and writers is working hard every day to provide you with reliable, honest reviews of adult entertainment site. We keep up to date always, not just because it’s our task, but because it’s part of how we live our life. Being in touch with some of the greatest names in the industry we always feel lucky to be in this business, while we can find joy in our job every time we do it.

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