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What you wouldn’t do to have a look at those nubile, sexy chicks who have the best pussies in the world. They are a world apart from porn stars that you are used to seeing. These sex kittens and ex-girlfriends are for real and they are out to give you a great time because they are not afraid to show what they’ve got. These lovely ladies are all over the place with their pussies and asses. They are not scared to expose them for an audience that knows how to appreciate them. No matter what kind of girls you like, you are likely to find them here. They are not your coy chicks who back out. They will stay with you in your wanking journey and will hopefully fulfill the fantasies you have always had. So, if you haven’t yet explore the best collection of homemade videos on the internet then it’s time you got on 18ExGfs. This is the only site that has a staggering 8, 000 giga bytes of material for your eyes only. The girls here are sucking on cum, spreading their lovely, shaven pussies and taking big dicks in their mouths for one and just one purpose: crazy, great sex. They don’t do your same porn star routines. They are here to show you what you are missing on when you fantasize about that busty porn actress. These girls have got the real thing that will make you cum in no time at all. And if there is anything that these girls are not doing, it is aping those porn actors. These hot and sexy girlfriends will make sure you wank all day and get as satisfied as possible. That’s right. When they take their clothes off, they mean business and they are sure to show you what you want.

Design & Features

As a porn aficionado if there is one thing that would attract you to a porn website, it is the layout of the home page. This website wins that competition hands down. You will see a host of pretty brunettes, blondes and redheads on the home page vying for your attention. They have cum coming down from their mouths, they are standing in the middle of a jungle, they are kissing girls – all these pictures will titillate you and make you think a billion times about them. 18ExGfs is a comprehensive treasure trove of the best videos of naughty guys who have submitted videos and pictures of their girls. Some of them are of current girlfriends and others of ex-girlfriends. Don’t ask us the reasons, but the truth is that when you find a great looking broad who is ready to show you her pussy, you should just shut up and watch it! Some of these girls probably deserved it. You will find that the videos have been taken from their phones and snapchat accounts. So, the boys have done a great job at giving you nothing but the most private videos that anyone can make. And these girls have got style and beauty unlike the usual porn actress. So, if you are looking for real girls with real pussies then there is nowhere else to go but here.

Girls & Videos

18ExGfs is a place where you will get any kind of chick and videos. If you don’t believe us, then just take a look at their categories. There is no porn watcher they don’t have videos for. If you would like to look at girls with big butts then 18ExGfs has then for you. Like ebony chicks with huge boobs and bottoms? No problem. 18ExGfs has them for you. If you are one of those people who likes to watch girl on girl action then don’t worry about it either because 18ExGfs will make sure that you get the best videos that are available on the internet. The quality of the videos is superb and just like any great porn site 18ExGfs offers you nothing but the best. High Definition videos are waiting for you on 18ExGfs. The girls here will please you if you click on their videos! What’s best? If you are a gadget freak then you don’t have to hang around your desktop all day. You can look at your favorite girls all day long, no matter where you are. You can access 18ExGfs on IPhone, androids and pretty much all sorts of smart phones that are available in the market. This is a site that takes care of its members and you will never feel like there isn’t enough material to watch. With oodles of giga bytes of porn, you can never be alone. The reason these videos are so good is because they are submitted by real people. Some boys who probably don’t like their girls and just wanted to have some fun. And you know how open and shameless these girls can act in front of their boyfriends. They just don’t care if their boobs are spilling out of their dresses or if they are not wearing their panties. All they care about is fun and the boys have done a great job at filming them. Just because the videos have been filmed by normal people does not mean that they are inferior in quality. 18ExGfs more than any other porn site understands how much people love clarity in their porn videos. That’s why 18ExGfs makes sure that it does not compromise on that front and provides you only the best quality sex videos with amazing sound effects for your viewing pleasure.


18ExGfs is one hell of a site if big bosomed porn stars were never your taste. These girls are all natural and all peppy. They are doing real things with real people and that is sure to excite you. They are giving away access to a huge variety of porn and it’s in your best interest to explore each and every video that they put up on their site.


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