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In Few Words

There are many great porn sites out there, which offer the horny members great girls with amazing booty. And then there are portals like the 40ozBounce, which add some extra spice to the otherwise sometimes quite boring pornography. This portal covers a load of different juicy niches, including but not resorting only to interracial sex (Black guys on White girls, and White guys on Black girls), ethnic sex, anal penetration and there’s also a kinky beer thingy, granting water fetishist something to like. The 40ozBounce is a promising site, and we are quite happy to review it for you. In case you are wondering about the age of this collection, let us tell you that it launched back in the year two thousand and eight. The quality of the videos reflect the age, and also the site’s design is truly pre-2010. Nevertheless, it serves its function, and you are going to find here some very fine porn videos.

Regarding the update schedule, we have to say that it’s actually non-existent, as the site hadn’t seen a new update since 2012. It has more than 140 videos for your entertainment, and though you might find it way too less to make you interested in a membership, there are much more to see here. The 40ozBounce is actually part of the PornPros Network, which is a network you should try once in a lifetime. There are nearly two dozen porn sites included with your membership, granting you fun with fresh girls, more interracial sex, for those who have a fixation on big boobs, there is the FreaksOfBoobs, while big cock porn watchers can find a load of scenes with monstrous dicks… hardly pushed into some juicy tight pussies. The collection of the PornPros network is mostly exclusive, so if the tour page made you curious, you have to know that you can watch these scenes only in the members’ area of this network’s sites. Overall, the membership at the 40ozBounce grants you access to 140+ big booty scenes, and about 3,300+ hardcore videos throughout the network. Apart from this, the usual live shows plus dating plus store extras are granted to you too.

Site Design

There are dozens of pictures listed on the home page of the 40ozBounce. You can’t do much here, though, your only option is to browse through them and decide from the standstills whether they interest you or not. In the member’s area, the PornPros Network’s own interface welcomes you. It’s also a simple page, with the only the core options offered only: browse the content and the extras; nothing is too complicated, so you are going to find the porn you want to watch really easily. The design is nice, and though the tour page isn’t up to date, the members’ area works fine on most devices.

You’ll have the option to download these videos: they come in WMV and MPEG format, and they are a kind of almost-HD – their resolution is 1200×700, which is not real HD, but it looks pretty good, given the age of these flicks. They download quite quickly, so it won’t be too hard to get them to your hard drive. Also, there is an embedded player, which plays these scenes rather fine. It’s fast to load and plays the streamed version of these videos really fine. In case you like to browse photos, you are going to love the photo gallery of this portal, though it’s a mix of photos and screen captions.

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Videos & Chicks

There are mostly Black and Caucasian models, along with a few Latinas, and the overall models’ collection is pretty hot. Exploring the girls’ of the 40ozBounce is a fun task, and it’s totally worth the time, as they have a great ass, fine boobs, and an overall sexy appearance, which is just enough to make you curious about watching them get banged. In order to satisfy all members’ needs, those who run the site had been picked some of the hottest big-assed girls around. Rest assured, the models are all professionals, and they are putting on their best performance for your entertainment. We have seen women in the videos who are somewhat older than expected – they seem had been in their early thirties back in the days these videos had been shot, but you will find here many fresh, crispy girls, who are quite flexible and are quite capable of performing in any position.

So, the scenes themselves are quite exciting. Though it’s mostly just fucking around the clock, there is always something extra, which gives the whole collection a kinky feeling. For example, in many scenes, there is interracial banging, which is just expected, because the site’s basic niche is about ‘porn with a homie twist’. Now this twist isn’t the interracial sex, it’s rather the beer to the butt action. As we’ve found out not every video has this beer gimmick, but the original shots, which had been created for this site have it. The action itself is good, the guys are well hung, so the girls have a hard time stuffing those cocks in their pussy. These flicks are done for entertainment, so they don’t feature too much talking. The action takes place, the girls suck and get fucked hard. That’s the way it should be. There are no stories here, just fun and sex.

Long Story Short

In case you have a thing for big booty and you like it wet, you are going to enjoy the videos of the 40ozBounce. The girls are doing a great show, the sex is hard, and the kinky, sometimes fetish-like elements are pretty exciting. In order to satisfy all members’ needs, the 40ozBounce will get you a load of porn, distributed through the network sites. The mix of US and European porn will certainly satisfy all your fixations, so it’s a must-have membership.



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