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In Few Words

I know I might be dating myself but back in my day, we were amazed and thought the future of porn was only limited to VHS rentals. But since I discovered Virtual Reality Porn or VR Porn, it is I daresay one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century. Much like a video game, this device allows you to view a certain reality convincingly even though it is physically not real.

BaDoink VR is an adult video website that is one of the first websites to get into VR technology and applied both mine and everyone else’s expectations coming from an upstart website. Though the technology sounds a little farfetched, I assure you that we are living in the future and what a great time it is to be alive.

Site Design

The developers and owners of BaDoink VR knew that when you log in to their website, you are there to download your VR movies and move along, hence the very simplistic and streamlined design of the website. The one feature that makes BaDoink VR unique is the fact that these videos are Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality or VR, is a type of video format that allows you not only to view the video in the most realistic first-person view, but to also interact with them. Since these videos are virtual reality, you need special devices to make them work exactly the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Right now, you might be worried that you might need incredibly expensive equipment to enjoy this futuristic design but fear not, the video game industry has got you covered. That’s right, the video game industry has

That’s right, the video game industry has big-name companies like Sony, HTC, Samsung and more that have developed gaming consoles generally called VR headsets, that not only allow you to play games but to view these videos as well since they work in the same format. VR headsets such as the Play Station VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR. I already own a Play Station 4 and a Play Station VR goggles and they are quite expensive for people who do not play video games as often as I do, but there is one more alternative if you don’t want the bulky plastic headgears and that’s the Google Carboard VR. Google has said that you don’t need heavy, expensive head gear to view virtual reality. In fact, compared to the other fancy head gears, this one is at least 1/10th less of any VR headset. This also requires you to have an Android smartphone that can support VR.

BaDoink VR will even give you a free Google Cardboard whether you have these devices or not. I am not worried that anyone will see what I order in the mail is just a plain ol’ ordinary cardboard box and even those who are aware of the Google Cardboard’s existence will think that you are probably ordering the headset for clean fun like riding a roller coaster or viewing earth from outer space.

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Videos & Chicks

Since BaDoink VR launched in May 2016, I was expecting that they only have less than a dozen videos and an even lesser number of women available. But as of writing this, they currently have more than 100 videos online in their “Videos” tab. I was even more stunned when I checked the “Girls” tab which boasts at least 90 women with a short bio, linking to the videos they were featured in. I had to pick up my jaw from the ground just from gawking at the sheer amount of content they were producing in such a short time.

The video format of VR videos is commonly called Point of View or POV videos. POV are videos filmed in one’s own view, as if what they see in their own eyes were being recorded. This is what made BaDoink VR so popular aside from the fact that you can interact and mingle with the virtual ladies. Some users have claimed that pairing this experience with vibrators, flesh lights and sex toys, will only make the experience more realistic and orgasmic.

The lovely ladies featured in this website are rising starlets of the porn industry. Stars like Riley Reid, August Ames and even the much talked about Blake Eden makes an appearance. My personal favorite has always been Tori Black and the fact that I can virtually touch and fuck her is currently giving me the hardest boner I’ve ever had. The movement in their videos as well as the creative angles will definitely fool you into thinking that they were performing right in front of you. POV videos are the mainstay in this website and I would not have it any other way. A great majority of these videos were created to be viewed in full 360 view, which means that no matter where you look, there’s always something to look at whether it’s the décor of the room or the two girls pleasuring each other on the bed or a blow job going on the veranda.

Additionally, since these videos were recorded using a 360-degree camera, it captures the movements in high definition. Why bother watching the greatest porn action in grainy low quality when you can watch it in full high definition. Once downloaded, the video file size tends to be rather large so be sure to have extra space in your chosen device! Some user who get seasick easily tend to get headaches when using these devices for the first time but it’s all worth it to see Tori Black’s adorable tushy bounce up and down my virtual cock. 

Long Story Short

They were not joking when they said a picture draws a thousand words. I have tried my best to make BaDoink VR sound as appealing as it did to me, but my words do no justice. All I as well as the other members can recommend is that you sign up for membership and see what we’re talking about. Trust me, you will thank me later!



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