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In Few Words

Bea Cummins is most definitely a familiar name to all us porn lovers. The name ‘Cummins’ already lets you know that you will be having dozens of orgasms as you watch the Milf do her thing on screen. More than a Milf, Bea is a cougar with an agenda. You can certainly feel that she does not get enough sex in her own bedroom and that is exactly why she looks for it elsewhere. She will guarantee you one thing, she has a lot to show you. For an older woman, BeaCummins is doing pretty well for herself. She has the passion of an older woman but the libido of a fresh face also is simply venturing into sexual encounters for the very first time.

Bea Cummins knew that you needed a lot more time with her and as such, established her own solo site that still embodies her name, BeaCummins. You will absolutely be in awe of the capability that the Milf has under the sheets. She pleasures her own self, gets down lesbian style and when she is feeling as raunchy as usual, she gets down and dirty with hardcore fucks. You will not get anything less than top-notch viewing should you decide to take time and get investment in the enticement that this adult site dishes out.

This and more make her site truly worth joining. Her flicks involve lingerie, nylons heels and other types of outfits that you will consider truly sexy. The exclusivity that you get to all of the scenes will secure your membership at all times. These are the benefits that you get signing up to this portal of pleasure. Bea Cummins is an expert at making you horny therefore, you can be 100% sure that all your fantasies will come to life. It is pretty much impossible not to be blown away by the action that you see lurking from scene to scene. Currently, BeaCummins has 290+ videos in total. If quantity is anything to go by, you will appreciate the effort that the Milf has put forth into ensuring that you get more than enough to enjoy. The housewife is horny and frustrated and this is exactly what guarantees you of your great viewing experience.

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Site Design

Good organization is the pride of a site as great as BeaCummins. The site may not be that massive but it equally ensures that you are able to explore the collection accordingly. The blend of the black and arrange background brings everything together aesthetically well. At the very top, there is a very sexy picture of her that promises you much more sexiness should you take the plunge and sign up to the platform. Right below this, you will get to navigate through various categories such as join, ‘updates’ ‘links’ and many others. 

You not only will be able to enjoy all that the collection has to offer but you will also be able to access it systematically. The pictures in the galleries and the videos as well come with great additional information such as a short personal message from the lady of the hour and an exploration of what is unfolding on the scenes. This way, you will always be in ‘the know’. The images can be enlarged to full size if you find them too limited. All of the flicks come with an upload date that makes it quite easy for you to keep up with the latest additions to the scenes.

Videos & Chicks

Bea Cummins is the only ‘girl’ that matters on the platform. After all, this is her personal site. However, even so, Bea does a great job of recruiting equally beautiful mature women who help her in enacting all of her fantasies. Physically, she is a goddess of sexiness who will drive you to the edge of paradise with desire in its best. She is not afraid to flaunt her boobs, her ass and other goodies that you would only get to see if you lifted up her skirt. There are times when she makes you work for what you see by dressing in both nylon and opaque stockings. The sense of mystery that she exudes will leave you begging for more. Unfortunately, you can never get enough of her. 

Just like you and I, she does love big cocks and deep pussies. She is not afraid to use her tongue to get pleasure in the way that she deems necessary. She licks pussy as if there is no tomorrow. In every scene, Bea will greet you with a smile as if to warm you up for the craziness that is about to come. Red and black are most certainly her favorite colors and boy, does she know how to choose because these outfits accentuate her body in a great way. Even though age has certainly caught up with her, you will hardly see a wrinkled body. It is evident that her anti-ageing formula is truly working. Bea Cummins gets down in both the indoors and outdoors and as such, she brings her best to every scene. You will enjoy her as much in the outside as you do on the inside. She is showcased when she is swimming or simply in the backyard soaking in some much-needed sun while masturbating.

Long Story Short

BeaCummins is a great overall site, especially if you love the porn star and all that she brings. The site offers a good portion of quality and quantity and as such, ensures you are fully entertained at all times. If you love older women, the site will really do you justice. You will also enjoy tapping into the ‘other side’ of this adult star. Bea does not hold back and truly, neither should you!

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