Big Butt Hunt

Big Butt Hunt Review

In Few Words

The Big Butt Hunt promises big, fat and mostly white chicks, for the lovers of massive proportion backsides. It is not an easy job to gather the white chicks with big butts all under one roof, but they did it and with success too. Ladies from all over the U.S. relish in some hardcore banging and one-on-one fuck sessions. The smooth bubble bums will make you reach toward the screen wishing to give those massive cheeks a nice squeeze.

Site Design

The design of the welcoming page is essential; it doesn’t make you lose time on non-indispensable stuff. We all know why we choose those big and horny chicks, so we go right ahead toward the video zone. To the gallery, you can get by scrolling down the page. There you can see screenshots of Kirra Lynn, Becca Bay and Miss Lady waiting for you to admire their skills.

If you like to explore first and commit later, I suggest you the trial option where the hunt can begin and later on you can purchase the 1, 3 or 12 months membership. Aside from all the fabulous, fleshy backsides, you get to see, you will have the possibility to access all other sites from the Lords of Porn network including Bubble Butt Teachers, one of my pet big butt sites. The advanced search is incorporated in the whole network system, so when you search the network you can add your pet booty girl or your fav video in the bookmarks.

There are network updates on regular intervals, so you can see the ratings of the newest videos or post comments if you feel you have something of relevance to underline. The whole network is has tons of updates that will keep you updated for months to come or even more. This site has been around for years and they continually improve and expand the video materials and features. For any problem that may arise, there is a first-rate customer service, available 24/7.

Videos & Chicks

When you open the page for a download, it may happen that the Flash streaming begins, but it is not annoying. The streaming of the videos plays with Flash while download options have multiple format options to choose from. There are 131 movies with compelling, sexy girls and although the main theme is her majesty the booty, there are a lot of other hardcore happenings as well.

The beginning of the flick is always the same, at least those that I have seen. It all begins with soft music and clothes stripping, but once the hardcore fun begins, everything concentrates on the main butt theme. If you like blondes, you will have the time of your life and get hooked on the plum backside is almost a sure thing. The high resolution is common in the videos of the new generation, but not in the older flicks and all of the videos last around 30 minutes.

Long Story Short

The user should look at the Big Butt Hunt as one part of the larger network since that’s what you get with a membership. The content quality and various membership options are top notch and even if they concentrate on the big white butts, there are nice black backsides to be admired too. That creates a nice touch of variety.

These chicks are capable of more than butt twerking and they love to act coy at the beginning of the flicks, entertaining the men with a soft striptease, but later on, they become tigresses in bed and go for the offered cock in a pure and undiluted state of sexual frenzy. This website has been closed, if you like orgies you can take a look at Group Sex Games.