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In Few Words

Sometimes, I feel like the porn sites nowadays lack adventure. What I mean is that they lack that spontaneity that you used to have in videos. They jump right into it or make the entire sex scene and what lead to it looks incredibly unbelievable. I found a good site, however, one with a lot of surprises and sex scenes that are really smooth. The site is called BitchStop and here you can find girls in need of a ride who end up fucking their rescuer. 

Site Design

The site has a very good design, one that encourages you to stay. The first thing that you notice upon arriving at the site is the large sliding image at the top of the page. The image itself shows scenes from the newest videos and you can get excited just by looking at it. You can change the scenes manually if you happen to like one of them more than another.

Below that image, you can spot an essential menu bar with the following buttons, the home page, the free tour, the member login and the joining page. Each of the buttons is in white except the joining button, which is in red. The entire site has a black and red theme, with a black background and red details. Now, as you scroll down, you start noticing the previews. The newest scenes are organized one by one, with many photos for each scene. That is not all that you get, with that short description below each scene to give you enough to go on before you start getting hungry for the full-length video. The site is also optimized and the browsing on it is very good and fast. I have also found that the mobile version of the site is as good as the desktop one.

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Videos & Chicks

I love it when a site can make me feel relaxed when browsing its pages, especially when it’s a porn site. The feeling is great, as you can give your undivided attention to the videos and the actual porn, the reason that you came to the site in the first place. In every video, the girls end up giving the guy a ride, one that ends in an orgasmic explosion. They are the ladies in distress and the guys come swooping in with a car, to the rescue. The girls are more than happy to thank him by giving him a blowjob or fucking with him very passionately. The passion is there and so is the love for fucking, you can tell that by watching them perform.

Add to that the overall length of the videos, which is 30 minutes for each of them, and the full HD resolution, and you’re already a winner. There are over 100 videos for you to choose from, all available for downloading in the WMV format, or for streaming in the flash format. If you join the site, you also get access to the bonus content, 9 more sites. They all have a different style and approach to porn so you will have new content to explore.

Long Story Short

If you haven’t already, you should give BitchStop a visit, as this is a site that will surely be among your favorites very soon. The girls here are amazing and very good when it comes to the sex and the foreplay. The site will keep you on the edge with its full HD videos of fucking everywhere, not to mention all the bonus sites that you get access to upon joining. Constant updates and a variety of porn make this site very desirable. Bitch Stop doesn’t accept new members, check this list of top porn sites with outdoor sex.

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