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In Few Words

Never had a chance to have an ebony girlfriend. Would’ve loved to have one though but man, those girls are pretty classy and hard to get! Good thing I found a place for us to fantasize on having a girlfriend like that guys. Today we’re looking at Black GFs website. This is the place where all ebonies, black girls, ebony Latinas come together to give you one relationship party that you’d treasure. The girls here in BlackGFs have been handpicked to make sure they give their viewers the best intimate experience and hardcore action that you’ll ever see in all porn world. And they’ve surely done it.

Living up to everything they’ve been doing BlackGFs takes POV to a whole new level. Making you believe as if you’re really the one their fucking and even talking to you before the fucking part, man is really like having a real live Ebony girlfriend on your laptop screen. The scenes are also very diverse, there are lesbian scenes, bus scenes, train, bed and pools. The girls here would fuck you all over the place I tell you!

That’s why you should totally take a look at what they have got to offer! This site also has the leading spot in terms of viewers and user ratings in the Ebony Categories. Welcome to BlackGFs, now relax as I give you the things you need to know about this site and why it’s worth your time!

Site Design

The site’s homepage won’t contain any ads or intros or anything like that, It’s simply a plain homepage with blue and white color theme. But what I love about it is that it skips all the nonsense and brings you directly right into the action! By action, I meant the most popular videos with the most number of likes being spilled all over the homepage like ants! There are numerous high rated videos here, which means the fans must be having quite a good time watching these clips!

Also, another thing I really like that they did with the homepage videos is that every single video that was placed here is fully animated. Flash animated, that is. So you don’t have to waste time clicking on every single video in order to check what it’s got because every video moves like a preview video without the need for your mouse to hover over them. if you ask me, that’s a really nice feature since it makes things easier for us to navigate, and what’s better, when you try opening up the video, another set of features opens up for you. in the side of your video, you’ll spot there a really nice set of pictures that was taken during the video scene. So if preview thumbnails ain’t enough for you to judge the videos, then I’m sure this will give you a pretty good picture.

Now under the video that’s playing, you get three options. You can comment, or favorite it, and here’s the best part. You can share it. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure that’d be fun. And right under that is a collection of videos that are related to the video that’s playing. Now if you’re asking for bonuses, get ready because this site is part of the GF Leaks Network. In the GF Leaks Network, there are all kinds porn genre just waiting to be opened so you better be ready to see it all because it’s all for free!

Now here’s another feature to keep your heart pumping. Are you a fan of fetish? Because this site also hosts one of the largest and highly acclaimed live ebony fucks! Man, these girls are even wilder when they’re live. It’s almost unbelievable to see the speed these black beauties can get to. So be sure to watch out for the notifications of the latest Live cams that’s about to come. You can constantly see the next model that’s about to be shown to you LIVE!

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Videos & Chicks

Man, I don’t know if you’ve seen the biggest ass you’ve ever seen, but I have to say, I’ve seen the biggest and fastest ass I’ve ever seen. The girls here in BlackGFs know how to make a show! It’s really awesome! I also see a lot of girls that are hot and sexy and are just way too good with their tongues here in this site.

But what I love the most is the interracial. So nice to see all these mixed people getting together for some good fucking time. Fucking Dog action between a white guy and an ebony girl was fucking epic already, that girl thinks only they can do hardcore, but look at the shocking look in his face after she got fucked by that white dude! The video counts are also amazing. A dozen videos keep on coming every day and the number of videos are already pretty decent as well.

With over a thousand videos available for streaming, plus unlimited download for the non-exclusive videos, that’s a pretty nice deal right there, I haven’t even mentioned the other free sites yet! So you better get your internet ready because these girls’ ain’t slowing down!

Long Story Short

Black GFs shows us how active and fucking amazing the porn world is once the ebonies and black people come into view! They really show us the true meaning of hardcore and tongue action. I also love the bus gangbangs they did. It’s really amazing seeing these lesbians fuck this one girl on the bus.

I would highly recommend this site to every porn lover out there who might be interested in ebony porn. As for my rating, giving this site a perfect score would be an understatement after seeing that booty move that fast! Check out the site and you’ll see what I mean. The site has been closed but you can join RealityKings that includes all the BlackGFs content.


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