Brother Undercover

Brother Undercover Review

In Few Words

The Brother Undercover has an interesting story: there is a Black guy in focus, who claims to be able to convince chicks that he is actually a white guy. It’s quite silly, but it’s a fun story, and the videos are made to fit it: the girls are hot, they claim to be coming from the South, and they play dumb so it’s really believable. This content is exclusive, and they are available only on this website, though if you join any other company-related sites you might access this series as a bonus. Nonetheless, these videos were shot exclusively for this site. 

As a porn website, the Brother Undercover launched during 2009, just as many of the company sites did. Currently, it offers about 20 episodes and it looks like the number isn’t growing anymore. You will find here some extra hardcore porn, and when you are looking for hard sex, you don’t have to go anyplace else. There are tens of thousands of videos here, and you are going to get here some really juicy stuff from interracial sex to anal penetration and feet-fetishist Black on Black lesbian videos. All of these videos are exclusive to the company, and they usually have their own websites.

You are going to see that the content is everything the company has for you. But, there is more to enjoy, as the membership on the Brother Undercover grants you the option to browse through a number of hardcore DVDs, and there is also a membership for a cam show– and a dating website. Naturally, the third party promotion deals are featured too.

Site Design

On the page of the Brother Undercover you can find a list of the most recent videos, and each piece features photos and descriptions. You are going to find the tour really easy to finish, without spending too much time here. Fortunately, the promises the site makes are not too big, but the content seems really interesting, so it should be a fine decision to enter.

You are going to find here a lot of hardcore videos, and when you are looking for more, the site’s search engine is ought to give you the options you seek. The members’ area is simple-looking, but it has lots of good features for you, so you are going to find some good options to use. The videos are shot in an SD resolution, and so they grant a fine playback if you watch them in your browser.

Also, you can find some interesting photo sets here too. The main features are the videos of course, and with the unlimited downloading option, you can save them all and watch them later if you really liked them.

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Videos & Chicks

The Brother UnderCover is another interesting porn site, with a reality-theme. These girls are really hot it’s true, but we are really sorry they have to play dumb girls all the time. On this site, they must act like they believe that Ace, the Black guy in the video is actually white guy with some kind of issues that cause him to appear Black… and to have a big black cock.

Well, the girls are playing nice, and if we want be rude we must say some of the probably don’t have to act too hard. (Yes, we said that!) What really sold us the site is the overall cute appearance of these girls, and the interracial sex in the flicks of course. We can’t really decide about the expertise of these hotties, so we would settle with the fact that they are not amateurs, but they are certainly not full-scale professional either. Watching them getting banged is arousing, and we found ourselves quite excited about the actual action. Okay, we must say we have fallen in love with some of these girls, because they just damned hot.

Take the hot piece called Deena for instance – she is a dark-haired hottie among the many blondes of the site, who has a tight natural body, two fine breast, and frankly, a cute face that you are going to watch a lot during her hard intercourse. She is a girl we could plan for the long-run with.

The Brother Undercover always features a gimmick, which is about the girls getting cheated to believe that this guy is a white guy in fact. Well, we don’t know about you, but watching him in “white people clothes” gives us the feeling that he is either too horny to think about or just like to dress like a fool. Never mind that, because both Ace and his girl are dropping clothes really quickly, and they are getting it on hard and nice. Basically, the sex is vanilla hardcore: the girls are made to suck his cock – during this session there might be some harder deepthroat sucking taking place. Ace prepares those pussy with some licking, and when they are we enough, the girls get his Black schlong deep inside. You are going to watch as Ace fucks the hell out of these girls, and they are more than satisfied to have a taste of a hard black cock. In the end of course, they get their fair share of cum on their face or on their body.

Long Story Short

The Brother Undercover is not a new site, and it doesn’t have that much content. But if you consider it as what it is actually, you will appreciate your membership pretty much: this is an exclusive porn collection of home-made style interracial videos. The girls might not be fully amateurs, and some of them are not really the porn-star types, but they put on an excellent show for your viewing performance.

According to the site you get even more, as the Brother Undercover is part of the Porn-dot-com network which offers the members over 15,000 girls in 35,000+ hardcore videos. It’s a really great deal if you think about it.

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