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In Few Words

Bum is a term for someone who is homeless and doesn’t have a steady job to boot. You see, bums don’t like to work or move at all. Which brings us to the infamous site filled with hardcore vivacity in the works, Bums In Action. Yes, you heard that right. Bums. In action. Considering how lazy and dirty these fellows are, you’d think they are merely good for nothings, lounging and decomposing in a street corner or in an alley way, practically waiting for scraps of foods to fall off from the sky. However, Bums In Actions showcases a number of bums who might not like the idea of hard work and drudgery but wouldn’t mind putting on a tough grind when it comes to women of their type (or any woman, to be honest). First and foremost, Bums In Action is a porn site that features old (and when I say old, it’s not an understatement) men from the streets mess up the sheets with very willing ladies.

On another note, the chicks are pretty random and most of them look quite neat and decent, a complete opposite of the guy that picked them up (or they picked up). Suffice to say, these ladies get pretty darn horny and won’t mind getting down and dirty with these bums anyway. The site was launched in September 2006 and is under the Long Bucks network – along with the many other porn sites it hosts. It might seem like these “bums” originate from northern parts of the United States (like depicted), but these guys are actually Russian. They’re pretty much just very old guys lathered in make-up and actual mud. Niche is focused primarily on mature women, followed by hardcore sex. To cap it all, the site rotates on homeless men who won’t mind going down random women they come across with.

Site Design

Bums In Action has a pretty generic and simple site. The navigation falls on the fairly simple type and it’s easy to find your way through. When you take a tour of the site, you’ll notice that there are thumbnails and descriptions available for viewing in the very front of the page. Photos are lined up, along with their respective explanations. Photos of the bums are also highlighted, along with their names and origins. It pretty much provides a very descriptive word play.

Moving on, a trial version of the site is available for two days for a buck. Recurring would mean paying more. As a trial member for two days, you are granted access to some things in the site. Not everything though. If you want to go for every single feature they offer though, you’d have to sign up and register as a premium member. As of now, there are 25+ scenes available in the site and they more or less last for a good 15 minutes each. Unfortunately, video quality serves as an issue around here since they aren’t that good. Like other sites though, you can download scenes to your own liking. Format though is only limited to the WMV file, with a 600k bit rate and 320 x 240 pixel resolution. Streaming is available with the same spec and resolution.

There are 25+ galleries as well, corresponding to the number of videos available in the site. Each gallery contains an average of 100 photos each. You won’t be able to download them in zip files though so that means manually saving the pictures that you are interested in. All content is advertised as exclusive and they most certainly are. There is no download limit but the updates are really slow and as of now, I can’t find anything new.

Of course, like most sites, Bums In Action offer bonus sites to keep members interested. There are a few on the list and they’re just as interesting as BumsInAction itself. There are no portable formats available but videos can be downloaded as both clips and full length films. Easy on that though, content isn’t exactly what you call high on number.

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Videos & Chicks

Bums In Action does not only star male bums (with probably a stench to boot) but amateur chicks, also. Amateur in a way that the video depicts them as random women with random statuses, engage in trivial and unsubstantial sex with a characterized homeless and worthless man.

Yes, the videos are staged and produced so you don’t really expect these ladies to do the deed with actual bums (because that’s actually pretty funny if you think about it). Focusing on the ladies, it’s inviolable to say that these females are not really big names to the porn industry. Going over big though, you’ll find that these women are leaning more on the tall and heavy type rather than the opposite. They are literally women who love to fuck dirty old men and they don’t even mind getting down dirty themselves – just to feel good.

Long Story Short

Let me get down right to the point then: Bums In Action is a place specifically targeting on hardcore sex sans the erotica. It’s practically dirty and it happens in equally dirty locations, as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that it focuses solely on the intense fucking, since it serves as a break from all the usual porn sites I come across with.

The site does not have well-known porn stars, but they still pack a mighty punch and what does it matter anyway? It’s porn! Then again, Bums In Action isn’t what you will call something straight out of the “good porn” category. It has low video quality and the content isn’t really that big of a deal. With a measly 25 scenes and a few galleries present, it’s hard to recommend the site by itself. Thankfully, being a member of Bums In Action will guarantee you instant access to other bonus sites with more content, so I reckon that’s the redeeming point of it all.



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