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In Few Words

Women with massive tits and perfect, slim bodies make men feel hot and especially horny down there. They find it appealing and they just love watching women squeeze it for them and feel them up to spice things up, and it works a lot especially in videos on adult entertainment websites. BusytPetite is a site that will show you as to why men love these type of women so much, with their perfect round breasts and perfect shaped ass, with sexy curves and smooth skin.

Site Design

BustyPetite is powered by Paper Street Media and has given its subscribers the best adult entertainment videos with the women with massive tits and slim bodies concept, they have about 30 thousand high definition videos that you can download, convert and transfer into your device such as Ipod, Ipad, tablet, mp3, mp4 and Android. They have thousands of high-resolution pictures that you can download as well, you can also use their mobile version if you want to stream their videos using your phone or you can also use their fast streaming option in your desktop computer.

Once you sign up you will immediately gain access to 21 other adult entertainment sites and rest assured that all of your personal information are safe and secure. The videos on the site lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes long, some have thumbnails while others have gifs that you can view before clicking on a specific video, you can also rate a video and give it a like based on how much you enjoyed it.

Another thing that makes the site stand out is the fact that they have a link at the bottommost part of the page wherein you can apply to become their model, they have an email address and a physical address where you can send your application form and pictures, if you have any questions or inquiries regarding this or your subscription then you can call their customer service hotline that is available 24/7, they also have a help page wherein you can read the frequently asked questions of the other members.

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Videos & Chicks

In one video it showed a model who was being interviewed while she was sitting on a bed, she told the camera man that she loves sucking cock and she loves it in her pussy, the camera man then asked her if she could flash her boobs for the viewers and so she did, the camera man then asked her if she wanted to suck cock right away and she said she wanted to, he then positioned the camera on a table from where it would give a clear shot of the both of them, he then made her get on her knees on the floor as he opened his zipper and pulled out his pants revealing a massive cock. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her closer to his dick, she then started sucking him, she held the shaft of his cock and sucked his while playing with his balls, she then pulled out and licked the shaft and deepthroated him. He made her lay in bed as he inserted his erect cock into her wet pussy which made her moan loudly, he lifted her leg and began pounding her as fast as he could, as he thrust his hip the woman grabbed him by the shoulder for support as he went deeper.

They switch places as the man laid on the bed and the woman climbed on top of him and rode him like a bull, she was slow at first as she was trying to get used to his size, but when she got the hang of it, she bounced up and down, as fast and as hard as she could and used the man’s chest for support as her pussy consumed his long, massive cock. She rode him for a few minutes before she hopped off and the man made her go on all fours as he fucked her from behind, holding her hip as he drilled her continuously, her breasts jiggled from the impact of his cock going in and out of her pussy the man reached out and held her tits, flicked the hard nipples, sucked them and squeezed them, making the woman moan loudly out of the lust and heat that was consuming her.

The man then made the both of them lay in bed as he pounded her sideways, he held one of her legs high up in the air as the camera focused on his cock burying inside her now stretched pussy, bits of precum were oozing from them and the man kept going until he was balls deep. When he felt that he was about to explode, he pulled out from the women and he made her kneel on the floor again as he started squeezing the hot, sticky cum out of him, he positioned his cock in front of the woman’s face and aimed on it as the cum came squirting out of his dick, it soaked the woman’s hair and her face was covered with it. The video ended with the woman giving the man one last blowjob as she sucked the remaining juice off him and tasting it while looking seductively at the camera.

Long Story Short

If you are a fan of women who have curves, massive tits and shaven pussies, then the videos on this site are perfect for you, they have thousands of high definition videos that you will definitely love watching and downloading on your devices. Not only that, you can also access 21 other sites that are of different niches that you will surely enjoy, they also have a customer service hotline that is available 24/7 for any inquires or questions and the security of your personal information is their top priority. The site doesn’t exist anymore, check more premium porn sites with big boobs.


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