Candy Girl Video

Candy Girl Video Review

In Few Words

The site features a range of entertainment services that revolve around the antics of the attractive, hot sexy girls. It is largely a soft porn adult entertainment platform that only goes as far as a miss on girl fling. The bulk of the content is woven around the excitement surrounding peeking at the lingerie of beautiful ladies. Unlike a lot of other up skirt sites I’ve visited, the site is fairly liberal and allows the girls the leeway to react to the sensations of such seductive encounters.

Site Design

The site is draped in pink and white as their background color. There is an indication that it is a girls’ affair. The layout is impressive with a range of optional browsing tools. There is a model index and a tagged list of captions on their landing page. Users are led to the actual scenes once they click on the active links. Although there isn’t an elaborate search tool, the mentioned tools do a good job at directing you around. The site is accessible from mobile devices. You are treated to a range of HD movies throughout the various video scenes. All the pics are also high res photos. Both videos and photos are, clearly, works of professional photographers. There are a few missing aspects that made me to make some adjustment in my preferences. The site does not offer streaming. You have to download all the content you wish to your device to be able to view; thank goodness it’s mobile friendly. I also had to deal with the fact that the site does not offer live cam shows. There are some 3D pics offered too. You need special 3D glasses to really get the most of these pics. The site is linked to a large network and affords users a wide range of services. There is an Amazon link that leads you to the open market platform. The admin has also made it their duty to update content in regular basis.

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Videos & Chicks

The site focuses most of its attention on sneaking beneath a lady’s skirt or dress, and providing viewers with exclusive photos. I was fascinated by the sheer display of different beauty queens on a single site. The girls do their thing in full glare of the camera. They pose nude, bend over in naughty fashion. They are also featured in some steamy scenes in which they suck up each other’s pussies and labia. They kiss tenderly and hump until someone or both of them give. There are also scenes in which the girls piss right before the camera. One of the stunning characteristics of the site is the lavish display of what the many pretty girls have beneath their clothes. I was electrified by the size of pussies and clitoris that are on display. The girls are quite spontaneous and sporadic. They do not waste a chance to titillate but they seem so natural in their skin. The site boasts a decent number of videos. There are 402 videos to savor. Each of the videos comes with an average playtime of 12 minutes. The files are made in M4V. You can download these scenes as much as you want. Galleries are available too. You get over 200 sets and 70 pics in each. The files can also be downloaded in a zip folder. I loved the quality of the videos and photos. These are great pieces that can only be the works of a professional photographer.

Long Story Short

There is a wide range of content once you enjoy on the site. The videos and photos are a product of an effort to keep you entertained for long. You aren’t likely to get such quality on many other platforms. The site provides a wide range of fetishes. Therefore, if you have been looking for a site that offers fetishes without fail, you could start on candigirlvideo.