CasualTeenSex Review


In looking at this title, one would expect to have casual sex be shown, but the middle word makes us wonder if they are going to be adults, or just under adults? Granted, perhaps all of them are indeed adults. Well we will see, won’t we?
In opening this pay porn site we are greeted by tons of pictures of fresh chicks who are obviously just at the correct age to be acceptable in this kind of adult site. We all know how old one needs to be to do that, and the answer is they have to be adult. Their bodies all tell us how old they are as well. The physiques at taut, they are all solid and they are firm yet more flexible than they ever will be at any age. All of this leads to having some wonderful sex, and that’s what they are going to do for sure.
The site tells us that what happens on a date, and after the date is done that same night they are going to be sexually active with each other. Now, that’s quite an interesting premise, and we look forward to seeing it become true within this site. Meanwhile, we are working that word casual over in our minds, and seeing why they stuck that in the title. After all you cannot have more casual sex than that, can you?
The words that are right on the site tells us exactly what is going to take place. They claim that we are going to see casual sex relations going on amongst fresh, but just properly aged boys and girls and this will be all filmed on video for you! Now, we are going to love this!

So We Opened That Site

We think back and wonder if ever we were so fresh and totally reckless. At times we suppose we were, and we do know that at times we also regretted being so reckless. However, in watching them, we are not sure they will regret barely meeting and then jumping into bed with each other. Yes, the sex looks like it’s an incredible amount of fun, and yes, most of them do this wearing protection, however we still wonder if they will rue the day they gave in to temptation and hooked up with a total stranger. Granted they did do some talk each and every time prior to hooking up, but still? In each of these movies you will see some extraordinarily cute girls, and perhaps that’s why the guys were so obliging. Looking back I guess our meetings with some “loose” girls took this very same path.
Must confess that we loved seeing hotties flirting with fresh male faces in adult entertainment, and the males flirting back. The next thing shown on the video is the two of them entering a motel or an apartment and stripping each other and then having hot and heavy sex. Most of the time the sex is absolutely frantic. The fact that both of them are newish, makes it seem as if we are reliving our past back when we were under nineteen. It’s all as casual as can be. In fact at times it’s so casual that they end up doing a threesome even. Again the freshness of each of the participants will definitely get to you, as it did to us. As much as we liked to reminisce about our sexual bravado when we were of that age, it was a bit difficult as these fresh guys speak Russian, and there was very less English spoken. Also, there were no subtitles being offered either. However the Russian were all very cute and we enjoyed seeing those amazing bodies fooling around with each other. The boys have sexual organs that are still pale all because they have not used those organs very much. An adult’s penis turns dark when it is utilized often, and also when the male uses the cock to play with himself. These fresh guys had light cocks, so that they appeared to be so innocent. That made this site even more believable, for the girls often also appeared innocent. To say that what these show is one night stands, is putting it mildly, for they do not even spend the night with each other. If they spend 2 hours with each other while the filming is taking place, that’s a lot of time. When you were promised that this would be casual sex, they were not kidding. This is true amateur reality porn, and it is more reality than you have ever seen before.

This Site Is Owned By

The site is owned by Meniss Limited, and they apparently have filmed this in Russia, as many of their sites have been. Now joining CasualTeenSex here is so very simple for they have arranged for you to join via credit card, PayPal, UKash, or paysafecard. Also, you can even join via a check if you wish.
This is the great part, you see once you join, Meniss Limited will allow you to have a bonus access to 28 different reality sites. Then too you will also receive bonus access to more sites, and these are going to be 14 exclusive sites. This means that you can access such sexy sites as YoungLibertines, YoungSex Parties, Porn Films 3D, Nasty Angels, and GirlsNextDoorAbused. In addition, the site promises that you will also receive the friendliest and very prompt customer support. Cost is extremely low considering all that you are going to get. For instance, you can have a one day trial membership for the ridiculous price of $1.95. Then too you could have a monthly membership for only $29.95, or a 2 month membership for just $39.95. Then they also offer you a 3 month membership for only $49.95.