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CBT And Ball Busting Review

In Few Words

Dark porn has always been the kind that involves BDSM in its rawest form. Usually, such scenes will keep you at the edge of your seat, biting your nails, wondering what is next. Well, if you love porn movies that send fear chills running down your spine and that unexpected bitter-sweet feeling of pleasure, then CBTandBallBusting is a site that has exactly what you need. If you are a guy, once you come face to face with the horny Milfs here, you better keep your legs closed, for your own good. Otherwise, they will want to dominate you too. Somehow, the SmuttyCashNetwork has found a way to bring you great entertainment in the most unorthodox forms. If you have a knack for enjoying porn films that are out of this world, you are in for a great treat.

Launched in November 2008, CBTandBallBusting has been your one stop shop for hot dominatrix movies that will turn your world of pleasure upside down in a good way. There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the electrocution, whipping and much more. If you thought that you knew what female domination is then you are in for a surprise for sure. CBTandBallBusting is the one portal of pleasure that promises to be a faithful provider of the most distinct porn entertainment.

Promising you a whole different world of enjoyment, signing up to this portal is almost like stepping into uncharted waters. It is the thrill that comes with not knowing what will happen next that will keep you begging for more. Then again, the site goes out of its way to prove what true hardcore porn is all about. Any BDSM porn lover will highly appreciate what CBTandBallBusting has in store for them. If you do not mind walking at the edge of danger, then you will find a new home in CBTandBallBusting.

Site Design

CBTandBallBusting has a members’ area that immediately demands your attention. The videos and update schedule that the adult site has will keep you entertained for days and this is what you will love about the portal of pleasure. Every flick is accompanied with a photo set and this ensures that you can get a glimpse of what the videos and photo sections have in store for you. The photo galleries can be downloaded as zip files, ensuring that you save time and avoid going through one gallery at a time.

More content can be found in the members’ area and here, you can see that CBTandBallBusting does not deviate from its promise of delivering great BDSM action. You will not regret signing up to this portal because clearly, there is a lot in store for you. The site’s quality is consistent and you do not have to worry about what your viewing moments will be made of. Apart from the flicks here, you will also be able to get a bonus link that will lead you to all of the extra flicks that will be in store for you.

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Videos & Chicks

CBTandBallBusting comprises of dominating women who will not stop at anything to get what they want. They do everything from stepping on their men to actually ripping off their privates if you know what I mean, should they get disobeyed. The men seem to be in total surrender because they could simply get in troubles if they do not do as they are told. The BDSM action here is inescapable and as such, you will not want to miss a second of what is going on.

The scenes feature a variety of storylines that showcases the Milfs taking over a dungeon and demanding to dominate their men. The beauties know exactly what you came for, and they not only give a killer performance but, by the time they are done, they also ensure that you will feel the need to soak your balls in ice, despite the fact that they have not done anything at all to you. The connection that they make with the content on the site is out of this world. These girls only love hardcore sex and dominate their men during sex. So, there is no place for softcore porn on this site or the girls that just need a missionary fuck to fulfill their sexual desires. The girls on this site want more from their men and love to dominate them. They love to take charge while having sex and can teach you a couple of amazing lessons to spice up your sex life.

Just because they have come to make their demands known does not mean the women under dress. They know exactly what to wear for their captors to want them and senselessly lust after them. The way they play with your emotions is a gift that keeps on giving, proving that they are the very best the porn world of entertainment has to offer. Whether you get to meet them fully nude or dressed in sexy and skinny lingerie, they are on a mission to prove who the boss is. That is exactly why they electrocute their partners, beat them black and blue, use a rope to restrain them and do other lots of sexy things.

Long Story Short

On a scale of one to ten, CBTandBallBusting is a solid twelve. This is to mean that the platform will over exceed your expectation in every way. The scenes will leave you wincing and, although the action may be uncomfortable at times, the flicks are surely enjoyable. Do not be afraid to take the plunge and sign up, otherwise, you will miss out on life-changing porn performances. This is one of the few sites that is highly committed to making you cum, regardless of the circumstances.


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