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In Few Words

The Chat Revenge site says it has the biggest archive (8 gigs) of submitted instant messenger chat leaks of nude ex-gf selfies and ex-gf revenge videos on the web. Thanks to the quantity of erotic material appearing on the social media sites and the amount that gets leaked daily to ChatRevenge, it is one rapidly updated site every day. They get their material from FB Messenger, through the entire social media site alphabet, to Viber so you know their material is real live amateur chicks, which is a huge turn-on for me. The site even has its own exclusive chat room, where you can share leaked SnapChat and IM messages, in the site’s member’s area. This the site where you see the girl next door at her best, nude and proud to be so. If it isn’t actually your neighbor you see, you can be sure it’s someone’s neighbor because these are regular girls not porn stars. They may sometimes be a bit shy in front of the camera but generally they’re too far along the path to orgasm to care. And when they reach the end of the path, their orgasm we know is real. They aren’t doing this for money; they’re doing it for love. Not all the hotties are shy, of course; many of them are happy to tuck their heels behind their ears and show us exactly what girls are made of. Chatrevenge is a member of TheGFNetwork of fifteen sites, which also includes ‘Interracial GF Videos’, ‘Obsessed With Myself’ for those of us who like watching women masturbating, ‘Watch My GF’ which also has girls masturbating but also blowjobs and other fun games, ‘Sluts With Phones’ for the most amazing selfies, ‘My Ebony GF’, ‘My Alternative GF’ with its many different characters, like Goths, Punks, Emo girls, and about nine other similar sites. The network also has live web cam girls that you can get to know once you’re a member.

Site Design

Sex and fresh chicks is a popular niche on the Net and the idea of getting to see something we shouldn’t takes that hotness and cranks it up to scorching. The strength of this site and its material is it’s all the genuine article, girls taking photos of themselves for a special person, or lovers taking pictures of an adored partner and those intended to be private, intimate shots being exposed to the world’s gaze. No amount of professional skills and talents can match that for authenticity. The site’s movies and pictures can be fast streamed to your desktop and mobile devices and also downloaded for more leisurely viewing later.

The body of Chat Revenge’s Home page is mainly composed of seventy-two images, some raunchy some just cute, that link to a movie for members and to the member application form for a web surfer. The page header is collection of other leaked images with the site’s name, a ‘Login’ button and a ‘Join’ button. The page footer has a collection of links to the member application form and the usual site details that always get pushed there. It’s all very straightforward, you get in to see movies if you’re a member and get the chance to become one if you’re not.

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Videos & Chicks

There are no porn stars on this website, only next door girls who made the mistake of fucking while the camera was on. There is all kind of women on this website, with different sizes, but all of them are very fresh and so naughty. In one spectacular clip you can see one hot redhead that has such big tits for her age! They are huge and the nipples are amazing! She has some green eyes and she always dresses in very short skirts with no panties, no wonder that all the guys fuck her. She is in a scene with her boyfriend, that guy probably thought that he is the only one that is putting a cock into her pussy, big mistake!

Anyway, the chick has no problems that the camera is on and she smiles so sexy while her mouth is full with a big cock. She sucks with a lot of passion and she knows how to deepthroat. Next she wants the cock into her ass, that chick is really wild! After a good fuck she gets a big facial on her cute face! In another clips from Chat Revenge you will see what happens when two girls and one boy are spending a night together. After playing some card and after some bottles are empty the girls are hot so they get naked. They want to play with the guy so they start kissing each other’s.

These chicks just want to have some innocent fun, but the guy is hard as a rock and he gets his pants down and he puts the cock right in the mouth of the girls! They are surprised, but they get in the game quickly and they start deepthroating. After fucking them well, the dude gives them a fantastic facial.

Long Story Short

If you dream about having a good revenge on your slutty ex-girlfriends that cheated on you, then maybe you should take some lessons from the guys from Chat Revenge! This site is full with user submitted videos and with leaked pictures in which you will enjoy some real girls making hardcore sex. These women cheated on their boyfriends and the guys are uploading the fuck movies with them on Chat Revenge! Only these kinds of perverted chicks can be seen on Chat Revenge! If you want to see them sucking and fucking with a lot of pleasure, you should join the site right now!

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