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The CollegeFuckParties is one of the party-porn sites, and it also represents a sub-niche among those kinds of webpages, because just like that ever-famous dorm-sex page, this one offers mostly actual CollegeFuckParties, with fresh, hot studs, and at a first glance you may think that these are real amateur videos, and to be honest, they really look like it, thought the quality is a bit too good to be that. The site launched in 2011, so it’s not really an oldie.

The videos of the site are all exclusive, you can’t find the scenes on any other porn sites, so if you are a party-porn and group sex fan, this site will be quite satisfying. The owner of the site verified monthly updates, so that’s what you might expect here, but don’t worry, these are not scenes: most of the video last for more than 2 hours, and if you want to watch them all from the beginning to the end, you will be busy for a while. Now, for the bonuses, you should be glad if you choose this

Now, for the bonuses, you should be glad if you choose this site, since it’s part of the WTFPass, which means that 10 bonus sites become available after registering, each offering more reality-porn with amazing and hot cuties. There are some ads in the members’ zone, but they are either placed on the bottom of the page, or one banner is placed next to the list of scenes. They won’t make the site cluttered, and won’t distract you from the actual content of the site.

Design & Features

The site is a well-made, and user friendly website, which also offers a very nice tour for the visitors. First of all, let’s take a look at the design. Though the movies inside are all hardcore and nasty, the site is a brighter one, that won’t make you feel guilty for watching these videos, and it doesn’t use dark colors like most sites that offer hardcore content.

The layout of the tour page is simple, but you can find everything you want really easily. The menu offers the usual options, which means that you can list the scenes, access the models’ database and go to the network sites’ list. The videos’ list in tour mode looks pretty good, and it provides you with some extra info, so you don’t need to use your brain, just watch the pictures. Each piece of the list features some thumbnails, and by clicking on one, you can even watch a trailer. As additional information, you can see the length of the movie (though there is no update time shown, you may also read a description, and see how many girls and guys are doing the nasty on the scene.

The members’ area isn’t much different, the lists feature the same information, and there are no further navigation options, search engines and other things like that are not implemented. The videos are varied in length, but as a member, you get access to them in online form and you may save them to your hard drive. The stream for the online viewing is strong; the embedded player is fast, so watching online won’t be an issue. On the side note though it would be the best to download the videos, because they are really lengthy, and if you don’t have that amount of time, it’s easier to resume watching where you ended if you are playing the scenes in an offline player. Mostly MP4 and AVI files are available, for in-browser watching FLV format is provided. Each movie has its photo gallery offering lots of pictures (more than 450), and to make it more comfortable, each of these sets are available in Zip folders.

The CollegeFuckParties has a really handsome mobile page, which offers all options as the desktop page. If you are just touring on the site, you can even choose the format in which you wish to watch the trailer (MP4 or M4V).

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Girls & Videos

Though the site claims that these are real dorm parties, you need to know that the main niche of the site and of the WTF Pass network is reality porn. This means that the models (of both genders) are not real amateurs; they are most semi-professionals, and there is nothing that shows this better than the fact that there is a models’ database, and if you open a girl’s profile (even in tour mode) you can see that most of the chicks have scenes on other sites. Don’t get it wrong though, the girls are gorgeous, and they are mostly naturals.

There are no overplayed acts, and they don’t stare always into the camera, it seems that they actually try to enjoy the sex. The fact that the girls are not full-scale professionals and they are not pornstars is a relaxing fact, because they put on a great show. Another mentionable fact about the cuties is that they are Europeans, and we all know how hot and horny those Middle-European and Russian girls are.

The videos are not scripted, though some of the scenes are staged, and pre-organized. We all know that it if reality-porn is done right, it looks like real amateur sex, but the whole thing stinks of professionalism, because the heavy hardcore sex. On the CollegeFuckParties, it isn’t different from others. The sex is heavy, there are lots of cum spraying everywhere, and the girls get double penetrated, many anal penetration happens too; nevertheless the videos well worth to watch. Right now, you can find here 95 parties, which offer 271 hours of hardcore fun.


The CollegeFuckParties has large collection of long videos, and this site will prove to be a good choice for those who like hardcore sex with a few twists, like the fact that all of the scenes feature group sex, and all of the persons in them are Europeans, who talk in their native language (the scenes have subtitles, don’t worry). The membership on this page alone is a great deal, but if you want more, you get it with the unlimited access to the WTFPass sites.


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