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In Few Words

What is the public porn niche that will turn you on the most once you watch it? Is it public sex? Is it the glory hole? A glory hole is a hole that magically appears in public places such as comfort rooms and office cubicles, by the way, that is only big enough to fit your dick in. Once you do, a beautiful chick is waiting for the other end to give your dick the time of its life.

For me, though, it’s public flashing. There’s something more appealing to me in a simple flashing of a lady’s private parts, by the lady itself than a full-blown sex scene. It makes the ladies seem naughty, but not a full-on slut, if you get what I mean. I understand, though, why the majority of men would not enjoy this type of flashing like me, because where’s the action in that?! I get what you mean, so what I did was to find something in between. I made it a point to find a porn site that features the public flashing but not done by women who look like sluts. Now, today is actually going to be a very exciting day because I will share with you the porn site that I have found that features the exact videos that I wanted, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy as well.

It is an exciting porn site that features really hot chicks who look sweet and innocent on the outside, so the people around were not really prepared to what they saw afterwards, which were some hardcore flashing that led to even more exciting public sex scenes!
This porn site is aptly named CutiesFlashing. It is an exclusive and premium porn site that requires paid membership in order for you to enjoy their awesome content. We also loved the fact that the videos were shot in a country where public flashing was STRICTLY forbidden. It added a nice extra touch of suspense and excitement to all of their videos – and made these brave ladies all the more desirable!

It is also nice to note that this porn site offers four different membership plans. One of those is a two-day full access of the site if you want to get an idea of what it is all about first, before signing up for a longer plan. Note that it is full access, not a trial one and that the only difference from this plan from the rest of the choice plans is the fact that it only lasts two days! The other plans are thirty days, ninety days, and one year. 

Site Design

It was really fun to look at the banner of this porn site. It is very detailed and you actually get a good idea of what the site is all about by just taking a look at it. First, on the right side of the banner, you’ll see an image of a very cute chick flashing her boobs and her shaved pussy. On the centre left side, you’ll see the logo of the site with a sparkling graphic element that added a nice touch to the overall design of the site. Then, distributed all throughout the banner, you’ll find the different membership perks and a lot of different sized thumbnails of the porn site’s best scenes so far.

These features are high-resolution photos that they guarantee you won’t find anywhere else, high-quality downloadable movies that are just as exclusive, over a thousand of exciting stories, regular updates, and finally, dating services. We are very much intrigued by these “dating services”. It’s a shame that our stay was too short to even test this out. After this huge banner, you will then see the different thumbnails that present their latest uploads. It usually contains the name of the porn model as well as their title, along with the age of the chick to prove how fresh the model is.

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Videos & Chicks

Speaking of models, the exact nationality or types of chicks were not mentioned on the site, but there is only one thing that we know for sure, the models here are sure cuties! The creators of this site made this to make sure that all of the scenes here would stay true to the theme which is “cuties flashing”.

As for the videos, we like the fact that all of the videos are high-quality. I bet it was a bit challenging to do that given that they were shooting outdoors and that they were doing it in a place where flashing was prohibited. Hence, it’s understandable why they were not probably able to bring a really big camera and lighting equipment.

Moving on to the scenes, they are all very exciting and it’s amazing how far these ladies would go to do the sexual acts presented here in really crowded areas! I’m sure that the people who were able to witness such events were really shocked, but also felt horny at the same time, given the really intense scenes they witnessed.

Long Story Short

Finally, let me share with you the ultimate perk that this porn site has in store for us. Did you know that you will also get fifteen extra porn sites more once you sign up for ANY of their membership plans? And we are not talking about just regular porn sites. The sites that you will get full access too along with the membership privileges on Cuties Flashing are also premium porn sites as well! Having said this, you must make sure to explore these porn sites as well. Who knows what types of surprises are in store for you? These porn sites also present different porn genres and that they would make any porn fan surely enjoy their stay!



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