Czech Gay Toilets

Czech Gay Toilets Review

In Few Words

There is nothing more annoying than having a hidden camera in a bathroom. I doubt that there is anyone in the world who wants to be recorded when doing the nasty. Many men love their privacy and it would be an absolute breaking of the ‘bro-code’ if this was to be invaded by their fellow man. As we all know, there is nothing attractive about taking a piss. However, when an adult site dares to be different in the manner of content that it provides, we have no option but to let ourselves enjoy this kind of entertainment I realize that the best place to take a piss is in the Czech Gay Toilets. As a gay man, I found this quite disturbing at first but then I realized that I would never get another opportunity to enjoy all manner of cocks in the privacy of a private toilet. In some sort of twisted way, this was a dream come true. I’m sure that you also did not know that there were many pissing styles. I must say, the angles that I have been able to enjoy on this platform are out of this world. Replicating these pissing positions in real life is not as easy as you may think. Czech Gay Toilets is a site that is one of a million, especially because there are not many of its nature in the adult industry. Talk of thinking outside the box! The action does not take place in a urinal, instead, the site has taken things a notch higher by featuring action that has been shot in water closets (WC).

As rooms with toilets are the norm in Europe, we happily oblige. The guys that are featured on Czech Gay Toilets proudly show off their pissing skills, pun intended. Who knew unzipping trousers and removing a huge cock to pee could be so attractive? Well, on Czech Gay Toilets, it will only take you a few minutes to discover the beauty of the site. As you already knew, any content from the Czech Republic represents the best level of voyeurism. There are three cameras to play with, they are located inside the toilet bowl itself, at the door and on the bathrooms. In the normal world, this would be a taboo. Well, thank God for raunchy adult sites. Do not discount this site, it is certainly worth your time. Czech Gay Toilets slowly turned me into someone who loves pissing action, as weird as that sounds. Although this is something that I never thought would happen, the pissing action was too hard to resist. There are a lot of uncut cocks to go wild and crazy over. If you have been used to constant hardcore fucking and dozens of creampies, it’s time to take a break from the fast-paced porn action and enjoy the warm golden liquid that flows from these cocks. The site has exclusive content. There are 108 videos to be precise. Czech Gay Toilets has a slow update schedule but there is bonus content from two exclusive gay sites. You will never run out of footage to watch. The videos can be downloaded in a variety of formats. It does not matter if you want to enjoy flicks in WMV or MP4 formats, Czech Gay Toilets will serve you according to your preferences. For explicit porn lovers on the go, the site can also be accessed through Apple and Android devices. Those who want to stream the content will also find this possible. The run-time of each flick varies as different people take different times to piss. However, all is at your disposal.

Site Design

When it comes to Czech Gay Toilets’ design and features, everything about it is familiar. As part of the Czech AV Network, you have already seen this design before, therefore, it may not be exactly new to you. The site only features basic content that is systematically arranged from page to page. The quality of the scenes is pure HD and you will appreciate the clarity that the site accounts for. Currently, Czech Gay Toilets no longer updates but the bonus sites will give you more than enough content to enjoy. The scenes are not defined but they are self- explanatory. The site does not have any photo galleries but I am sure that you will appreciate what you get.

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Videos & Guys

Czech Gay Toilets features a random variety of guys. The best thing about the content is that you never know who will walk in through the bathroom doors. The mystery keeps things exciting and as soon as the pissing begins, you will be glad that you waited to see what unfolds. The guys are all attractive, tall, and slender and have an athletic build. There are a few jocks that can be spotted from time to time and you will simply be imagining what their hard cocks would look like. For all your dirty restroom fantasies, this site is right up your alley. Do not let the pissing stop you from enjoying what it has to offer. The fact that this site is akin to the toilet is incredible.

You will be able to see these guys enjoying their solitude as some of them even use phones when sitting on the toilet. It is clear that most of the guys need a tan, their behinds could certainly use some uniformity in color. On a more serious note, the guys do not deviate from what Czech Gay Toilets has to offer and this is the beauty of the collection. By the name of the site, we already know that these guys are all gay.

Long Story Short

Good entertainment does not have to be all about hardcore fucking. Sometimes, it is perfectly okay to go out of the norm. You will love the quality and concept that Czech Gay Toilets represents.


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