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Danske Par Review

In Few Words

DanskePar (which translate to Danish Couples) is a site where amateur Danish couples share their homemade sex movies with you and me. The site exists in Danish and English so research or add ‘en’ to the web address if you get the Danish site and you’re looking for the site in English. Just to be clear though, even on the English site the couples in the videos speak Danish. Still, as there isn’t a plot to follow and the action is intense that lack of verbal cues shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

Being Danes, the couples are attractive, frequently blonde, and fit. There are even some cute Asian chicks in Denmark apparently and they have obviously taken to the Scandinavian naturist philosophy without any difficulty. And being amateurs, their shapes, and sizes are those of regular people, which I find way more interesting than the sometimes unrealistically proportioned shapes of the folks on professional sites.

DanskePar’s a strictly members-only site so, if you want to see anything beyond the thumbnails on the landing page, you have to join. The quality of the thumbnails, however, tells you the movies are HD quality, even though they are user-made and user-submitted, and the site is free of annoying ads so once you join it’s a great place to hang out.

Site Design

The site’s Homepage is simply laid out for ease of access. It has twenty-one sexually explicit images that link to a couple’s latest video and, if you’re a member, you can dive straight in. Your membership gives unlimited access and downloads so there are no extras once you’ve joined and, because it’s a membership site, the site is a wonderfully ad-free zone in a normally ad-saturated web world. Adding to its features, Danskepar updates daily and has a Customer Helpline should you run into difficulties. For non-members, clicking on an image takes you only to the sign up page but just looking at the images gives you a good feeling; these are people you might know and like.

The growth of high-quality cameras and easy uploading has created a boom on the web for amateur sex videos, and sites where you can watch them. It sometimes seems every girl with a phonecam is now out there aiming to be the new Marilyn Monroe. What sets this site apart from most of the other amateur submitted movie sites is the quality of the filming, and particularly the lighting, which means we clearly see what we want to see and in fine, damp, detail.

DanskePar is a site with a straightforward theme, homemade and self-submitted sex tapes, and a straightforward site layout. There’s nothing intricate or unnecessary about it. Everything is designed to get you to the action as quickly and simply as possible, which is refreshing in these days of complicated, overdone site design.

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Videos & Chicks

The nature of this site, user-submitted sex movies, means the content is generally focused on straight sex, without straying into the more esoteric sexual activities. These couples love sex and all the things that can be done between a man and a woman during it. We see plenty of licking and sucking of erogenous zones as well as lots of play with toys and fists in pussies, mouths and bum holes. Blowjobs, facials and cream pies are as popular in Denmark as elsewhere, it seems.

Danish couples’ sex movies are, as you’d guess, generally made in the privacy of their home so settings are domestic for the most part. They do make sure no room or item of furniture in the house goes unused, which provides a wider range of locations than you might expect — as well as ideas for your own sex life. Watching the site’s movies is like being a voyeur, spying on all your neighbors’ love lives, only without the guilt for these couples want you to watch as much as you want to see.

Scandinavians have long been associated with pale toned bodies and a lack of inhibitions when it comes to all things sexual. The couples on DanskePar demonstrate they still have that and more, though plenty of the girls show their lack of tan lines they like sunbathing nude. That other Scandinavian stereotype, the blonde, is also still common and the site has perhaps a majority of them but dark-haired girls provide a good showing on the site too. And in this modern world of people wandering far from home, Asian girls are here in Denmark and on DanskePar, as well.

What makes this site work is not exotic locations, suggestive or slutty costumes, unusual or uncomfortable practices, or unlikely positions requiring a gymnast’s flexibility. It’s just good clean honest sex in the raw between a man and a woman whose desire to exhibit their sexual prowess to the like-minded world drives them to make videos and share them, and themselves, openly. These are people who want each other, not people who met on the morning of filming when they arrived at the set and you can’t act that into a sex movie no matter how good an actor or actress you are. Nor can you act vigor and energy into your performance unless that’s in you too, which means the DanskePar couples are fit and strong with lots of life in them.

Long Story Short

As you might have gathered already, I love homemade, amateur, erotica. Even if the people involved aren’t supermodels, they’re always excited, enthusiastic, and horny as hell, which is worth as much or more than that perfect body with the professional’s correctness. What makes Danskepar one of the best amateur sites around is the couples have obviously been coached on how to get the lighting right for filming indoors and the international flavor watching sex in a foreign land and language.



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