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In Few Words

And the happy ending following afterwards, which will satisfy everyone who is being part of it. The site has one of the hottest categories in all of porn presented in the best way possible. This site will not leave you dissatisfied.

Site Design

The membership for Dirty Masseur is easy to explain. Basically there is only one membership level. There are no premium memberships or anything that you can only unlock with extra fees. There is only one membership with the same featured things. It doesn’t matter at all what payment plan you decideto choose. The membership itself is a dream. It is a wonderful package that has a load of porn for you to unveil. Since Dirty Masseur is a Brazzers site, you are granted the rights to every other Brazzers site there is. There are over 30 sites for you to take a look at. They are all very specific on a different category or niche in porn, which means that all the porn is focused on a specific theme. Dirty Masseur for example is focused on erotic, steamy massages, while there are also sites like Big Tits In Uniform, which feature women that are fitting some role and uniform that the viewers have wished, and so on. The amount of different kind of porn is just hard to even think about.

The memberships are all priced according to the amount of time that you are willing to pay for. The longer lasting memberships come in a cheaper price. To clarify this, buying a 1 month membership for one year becomes nearly three times as expensive as just buying a one year membership. This means that being able to commit for longer periods of time is a thing that will benefit you in the long run. The basic membership prices, without discounts go as following: €29.95 for 1 month membership, €59.95 for 3 month membership, and €119.88 for the 12 month membership. Then there is of course the choice for anyone who is still a bit uncertain about whether or not they want a membership. The 2 day trial is a simple choice for those people. It is a plan which is supposed to give you a good look at what all the fuzz around Brazzers and Dirty Masseur is about. It gives you a pass to the whole network. Everything – every site, scene, video, or photo, all of it is available for you on the 48 hour period.

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Videos & Chicks

Dirty Masseur really gives you a good look on one of the best categories in porn. There is nothing hotter than women being oiled so that their skin reflects the perfect amount of light to get a visual experience like never before. The massage, which is of course the main part of the videos, is most often made so well that you can nearly feel how relaxing and orgasmic it must feel for the massaged one. Then when the action starts to slowly break down when the masseur starts to slowly change the pace of the video from a hot, slow, erotic massage to sweaty, heart rate spiking sex. The site looks pretty much like any Brazzer site. It is well made, looks professional, and is easy to navigate through. The site clearly shows all the new content that has come in the front page. Dirty Masseur is updated often and you can easily find the videos you are looking for. Everything is basically made as easy for you as possible.

There are many other things that can be mentioned from the site. The main points are that downloading videos and photos is completely free and has absolutely no restrictions included. It is simple and easy, while you also have multiple format options for both pics and movies. This is a groundbreaking option for a site to allow. Many sites, even if you have a membership, like to heavily limit your chances on what you can do with the content. This is not the deal with Dirty Masseur. And of course there needs to be a mention about the Photo – section in the site. Many people love porn pics. They are always really capturing. They are able to make shots at the models on their best. The angels can be altered and the lightings shifted. A clean, high definition photo is always a pleasure to see. And that is why Dirty Masseur is prepared over 10,000 photos for you to look at! Now that is a lot of pictures to look at.

Long Story Short

Dirty Masseur is a site which features you with one of the best collections of porn in internet. They have deserved their place in the list of best paid porn sites online. They can potentially give a lot to their members and they are thankfully updated frequently. The site is really well optimized to give the easiest experience on navigating through the sites inside the network. The choice to view the sites on tablet and mobile phone is a giant plus and the unlimited downloads are just a cherry on the top. There wasn’t really anything negative that could be found from the site itself, which already tells a lot about the site.

If there is something that needs to be said is that they of course don’t offer an enormous amount of scenes in the site, but the amount of pics that they have pretty much balances it. To conclude the review, this site really deserves to see more daylight and it needs to stop being an underdog in the business. Potential is just throbbing out from this site and people need to catch on that potential.


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