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In Few Words

I don’t know about you guys, but nothing gets my dick hard faster than the thought of fucking the ass off of some sluts who is trying to impress me with her “look at me, I’m a porn queen attitude” and will let me do anything to her in the hope that maybe, just MAYBE I might be able to get her a steady gig so you can bet your balls a good HD POV is right up my fucking alley!

Site Design

First off, all the action is filmed from two angles at the same time, POV and main camera and you get to pick which one you want to see so you can either choose from POV or main camera, or both! Isn’t it great?! Second, they have a LOT of content! I’m talking getting close to a hundred videos of around 25 minutes each, all HD, and you can download all of it in amazing quality so you can even take your porn on the road and watch it off of a smartphone or tablet because the quality of the videos won’t suffer one bit. Not only that, but with the videos you can also download the photo galleries that go with each video, and there are give or take 110 pictures per gallery.

Good paid sex site with POV porn movies

Videos & Chicks

I love seeing a tight smoking hot girl takes off her clothes and start rubbing her perky tits and fingering her pretty pink pussy when I tell her to then be a good girl and start sucking my dick when I’ve had enough of watching her tease me. But, at the same time, I don’t always get off with a POV because while it obviously is always nice to picture yourself being the one getting sucked and fucked by a wannabe porn queen hungry for her twenty minutes in the spotlight, it is equally as nice to switch things up a little bit from time to time and just sit back, relax and watch some hung stud fuck the living daylights out of some cute one, making her girly titties bounce and stretch her fresh holes with his meaty fat cock. So you can imagine how fucking tickled pink I was when I heard about Double View Casting because it lets you do both!! Let me tell you guys a couple things about it. Let’s not forget about THE GIRLS!! All of them are stunning, cute, tight bodied hotties between 19-25 primarily from one Eastern European country or another. Now, some of the scenes get pretty hardcore, and there’s going to be a lot of ass fucking and a fair amount of gaping, and personally, I love nothing more than seeing an innocent faced sweet little angel pulling her cheeks apart while they’re getting pounded up the ass then watching that tight little hole gape open, it just seriously hits the spot! So if that’s not your thing, maybe you should try a tamer website with more vanilla content, but if you are anything like me, you are guaranteed to get completely hooked on this site.

Long Story Short

To wrap up, if you love ass fucking, gaping, blowjobs, bouncy perky tits, slutty amateur chicks, casting and interview type scenarios, high definition graphics, POV angles or main camera angles, acrobatic positions (after all, Eastern Europe is famous for its gymnasts and ballerinas, right?) and many many more you should absolutely give this website a try, but chances are you are going to get addicted to it.



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