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Femdom Streams Review


Does the thought of female domination in sex catch your mind’s eye. I mean, do you get a kick when the female mate takes control and makes you submit and worship her in sweet surrender. On the flip side, if you are a female whose juices run wild and rush when you dominate your partner or bubble with desire when you watch such a scene, check out Femdomstreams, I can promise you that you will get much more than a decent treat.

Design and features

When I landed on the home page of this female sex dominance themed site, I was impressed with the general layout. It is clearly labelled with white mystique calligraphy in sky blue background right at the apex of the landing page. There is a clear outline of the categories. There is the home page tab, the sites links tab, the login and more categories lined up at the top of the landing page. I was given snapshots of what the page is al about when I scrolled down the home page.

There are hot pics of females in action as they tease and sensually torment their male subjects. Each of the captions has a play-on functionality that allows users to jump straight into the arena and enjoy their chosen shows. So it was easy for me to choose where to begin. The home page is large and numbered. You get an impressive notion of orderly presentation right from the start when you land on the home page of femdomstreams. This speaks a lot about navigation. When a site is as organized as this one, you will have no reason to grumble. You knock on doors and join places you want with interactive tools setup for your ultimate tour of the site’s content.

Currently, there are three membership plans. There is a monthly plan, a three month package and a whole year’s subscription. Each plan gives you access to bonus sites. When you subscribe to any of their plans, you get to access a variety of content other what’s on the main site.

Girls and videos

Onto the part where any folks like- girls and vids. What I can tell you is that there are so many vids and scenes to explore. A lot of videos depict dominance scenes. If this is your cup of tea, you will get to watch couples as well as group sex encounters. Funny thought, some scenes depict males being sensually tormented by their female mates. The view of a female tagging at a man’s dick and tying them up like a slave was exciting to say the least. I am not a fan of domination scenes but what I saw made me rethink my views. All along I’ve watched scenes where men dominate the action. But this was truly phenomenal. I watched fetish actions with domination scenes where men are pushed on all fours in desperate worship of their female sex masters.

I like the creativity of the models. Clearly, they showed there are a thousand ways to enslave a male sex partner and give them a payback sensual check. I was particularly drawn to the scene in which the female ties up her male slave and teases her with a whip stick as she reveals her tits and curvy tush for her slave to drool over. The fact that the slave could see but couldn’t touch until she decided was particularly a kick for me. I also noted their insightful display of the pornstars in action. The models and the men seem to come from remarkably varied backgrounds. This is an element that does magic to accommodate visitors from across the varying racial and historical and geographical backgrounds. Presently, there are over 500 videos scenes to watch. Each of the scenes lasts 5 minutes. Videos are available in Windows Media format (WMV). You can stream them onsite or download and watch on your PC or mobile device. Besides that, you also access up to12 galleries with numerous photos. Photos can be viewed directly on the site or downloaded in zip.


Make no mistake; femdomstreams is a formidable player in female sex dominance entertainment. Moreover, you can access numerous other sites and have a chance to change your porn menu.


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