Femme Fatale Films

Femme Fatale Films Review

In Few Words

The central theme of femmefatalefilms revolves around the domination, subjugation and subversion fetishes. If you are turned on by scenes that feature men down on their knees at full mercy of their female sex mates, get on board and savor the entertainment on femmefatalefilms.

Site Design

The site looks great from the landing point. The black décor hue is reminiscent of mystery and classic movie classic environment. Their home page exudes a lot of subtle premium character. There is a conspicuous effort to make the site as much user friendly as it gets. Although there is still room for improvement in some areas such as the range of user browsing tools, the site scores highly in the general assessment of usability and quality. Navigation is made easier by the categories list, which goes into a detailed outline of the content. A click on any of the categories leads to the actual videos scene. You also have a video library tour in which you have an assortment of video categories and titles. Some of the titles I had to grapple with in my quest to choose the best videos include Clinic Bed Eight, and Humbled. I also loved the fact that the site provides sufficient information on the ensuing action. The textual descriptions are effective in getting the viewer into the same wavelength when the scenes are eventually in playback mode. The site is optimized for mobile accessibility too. I can do flicks from my Smartphone as I recline in bed after a long day’s work. The site allows users to stream content. Although I have not seen any sign of live cam or bonus sites offered, I think the inherent entertainment is sufficient. There is a video update every week. You also get an extra in the form of a blog site that allows for reviews an interactive engagement and sharing of experiences.

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Videos & Chicks

I love the lingerie and costume that the models don in the scenes. There is a discreet show of style and taste amidst the BDSM performances. I particularly noted that unlike other BDSM porn sites, the content here is sensually indulging. Although you see the dudes tied up in straps and spanked and leashed, there is an air of love and romance flowing all the while. The choice of models is striking too. Most of the models I’ve watched in performance are tall shapely nice pieces of creation. They are runway material anywhere. The fact that they choose to show off some of their erotic fervor is a bonus for viewers. You will be impressed with the show of lingerie and high heeled boots that the girls flaunt in their dominance scenes. The leashes on the bums of the dudes turn me on whenever I see the girl mete out loving castigate on their subjects. The girls are clad in very attractive regalia that make anyone tick with desire. I particularly took note of the Mia. The lady replays some classic slavery scenes in her performances. She receives a slave from Heather; a mistress. The story goes that the slave dude is to be chasten for damaging heather’s property. Mia metes out some sexy batter on her new found subject and eventually gives him a session of steamy sex. He is seen pleading for mercy at in Heather’s hands. I loved the gang slaving approach by the girls. The cock sharing encounters are fulfilling; especially after the seemingly harrowing treatment the dudes receive from their doms. There are over 340 videos with 20 minute playback spans on each. The files are made in MP4 and Flash. You can also choose to view photos in over 340 galleries that contain 20 pics per set.

Long Story Short

If I was asked to suggest a site that can easily woo moderate porn lovers to the BDSM side, I would suggest femmefatalefilms. There is sufficient content to entertain everyone. The quality of videos is just part of the attraction. The content is frequently updated to ensure that you are kept on the edge of your seat.