First Dream Studio

First Dream Studio Review

In Few Words

‘Sup guys! So yeah let’s talk about nudes. More specifically, nude pics! Oh yeah, who doesn’t like nudes? Even those who are conservative should be able to see the appeal of nudes once you introduce them to nudes with the concept of beauty in mind. It’s not that bad! In fact, we’re appreciating the beautiful human body! It’s applicable however only when the subjects of the nudes are actually beautiful. That’s why you must look up places that actually have one! Luckily for you, there is this site called First Dream Studio!

It’s a site where you can actually see beautiful women, whether they are amateurs or already top models. You get to see them in their most beautiful, natural and private forms! You get to see them wear lingerie or see them actually get nude! Uh huh! Really good quality pics can be found in First Dream Studio!

Site Design

Design-wise, the site’s pretty good. Red, black and white really suit each other to create the sexy feel of the site. The site is also quite straightforward. Quick and simple is just the way I like it because it’s easy to navigate! Like, you can see everything after one or two clicks from the home screen! And everywhere you need to go, you can immediately see it in the home screen! It’s easy to access. You can click on the red texts that immediately catch your eyes the moment you take your eyes off the beautiful nudes and try to read. They’re that way to emphasize that they’re there, as well as for functionality because they’re the links themselves! From the name of the model featured, to the area where you can preview the site as well as where to join and the member’s area!

Oh sorry, here’s some things you still need to know about. The site features only one girl at a time, as they wanted to preserve quality instead of sacrificing it for the quantity. Also, this is a site where you need membership to view everything. As I said previously, you can still see previews of the site, but you can’t access everything. That’s why become a member now! Let me tell you what you’re missing out if you’re not a member of the site. So first off, you miss out a lot, and I mean a lot of photos! Just imagine, the woman featured in the site has more or less 400 pics! Around four hundred square or rectangular shapes infused with beautiful woman goodness! All of them with really good quality!

Then there’s bonus video where you can see like a scene being captured on cam! All this plus more goodies like an exclusive members only page are sure to be yours when you do become a member! Finally, when you become a member, they won’t leave you hanging like in other sites. They actually provide customer support, and if even that fails, you can inform the owner of the site by sending him an email at info at First Dream Studio!

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Videos & Chicks

So the girls, well, let’s just say they’re the creme de la creme of the modeling world. First, they let them feel at home first, let them feel relaxed. This is to prepare them for the real show ahead, where they’ll be showing off their beauty, both of their faces and of their bodies. We’re all lucky that we get to see them with their private, personal touch! After the preparation stage, we get to see these women in lingerie. As if they weren’t hot enough with their bodies, they actually dared to wear lingeries! Some of us just can’t take the tease that comes with these beauties when they wear lingeries!

Watch them wear exclusive lingeries that are provided to them by the studio! I bet these lingeries are not the cheap ones that can be easily acquired, and instead they’re the really good quality ones! From the upper portion, like the bra, the bustier, to the lower portion like the panties, pantyhoses and stockings, as well as foot wear like high heels, they got the fashion sense of the model covered too! But of course, nothing beats the nudes! Watch these girls as they show off their relaxed, naked bodies confidently and with pride!

You will not only see a relaxed woman but also a woman with a profound personality that is reflected in the camera! She performs here her best natural act, and all is caught on the cam! The members are gonna be able to see a great mix of body, beauty and personality! Right now though, the woman that is featured is the one and only Lia! You don’t know who she is? She’s a European model with striking beauty that can tempt anyone out of their minds! She looks simply astounding, and she’s got just the perfect body! She’s simply the perfect model! Take a look at her beauty right now in First Dream Studio! No photoshop involved, because we’ll make a dent in Lia’s perfect body and perfect face.

All of these are going to be preserved using pics that are really good in quality too! 960 pixels each pic, and 3000 pixels for the zip file? Amazing isn’t it? There’s also this bonus video that lasts 7 minutes. All of these you can get once you become a member!

Long Story Short

There. This is the site that’s for us nude lovers. The lingerie tease as well as the nudes of those goddesses are simply too good to pass up. As a nude site though, this is actually lacking the girls, but of course you can be sure that the quality is the best there is. So I can actually rate them 10/10 if they can fix that little snitch out there. It’s gonna be worth it if you become a member, so one now, you don’t have to be reserved!

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