Flirt 4 Free Foot Fetish

Flirt 4 Free Foot Fetish Review

In Few Words

In case you join the Flirt4Free you are going to find thousands of models and among them, there is a few dozen which could help you live your fantasies, and fulfill your fixations. In this specialty review of the Flirt4Free, we are going to take a look on the site as it is, and we will dig a bit deeper into the actual action, looking for hot performers who would perform some foot fetish fun for our entertainment. As far as the Flirt4Free is concerned, it’s a nice live cam show site, and it’s one of the oldest ones: it has been online since 1999, so it’s a pioneer of this industry. During the past nearly two decades it has been growing significantly, and the actual models’ list has circa 25,000-30,000 names, more than fifty percent of it are females. Also, there are males (straight and gay too) and trannies too. Naturally, as an old site, the site has an established reputation, and it can even afford to give away more than 100 credits for new member. The content is exclusive of course, if a girl goes to private show for you, you can make it be only yours, and these performances can’t be seen on other websites.

The Flirt4Free is old, but its features are up to date, especially when it comes to additional fun. Let’s assume you would like to check a girl’s shows, see how well she performs the niches you are interested in. You have two choices: tell her what you are looking for and hoping that she as good as she claims, or you use your credits to ‘rent’ an archived show of her. We suggest that you should take a look at the videos – they are sometimes more than a live show, though they are live shows. Aside from checking the chosen model’s quality, these videos are parts of the extra content you get: there are the aforementioned archived shows which are available on a VoD basis; and many models’ have some really sexy, professional photo galleries. The videos feature only Flirt4Free archived shows.

Site Design

The Flirt4Free has a website which looks good, and you actually get the same layout after logging in. The only difference is that you can use every feature of the page. The girls are easy to sort, and they have a very good profile page, where you can favorite them, read their blog, see their wish list, or you could tip them to make their dreams come true. Naturally, you can rate them and comment on their shows, while you can also see their photos and VoD content. The video stream is pretty good, and it offers you all the benefits of the fast and great Internet connection we have nowadays. There is barely any lag, so you will certainly enjoy the shows undisturbed.

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Videos & Chicks

It’s really easy to find performers to satisfy your foot worshipping urges. The Flirt4Free has a fine page dedicated to the fetishes, and you can pick the Foot Fetish from the list, and visit the listings page of this fetish. There, you can see how many models have added the foot fetish to their repertoire. At the time of our review, the counter showed 50, which is pretty good for one site. Under the short description of this fetish, you can find the actual list of girls, with the online ones listed first. As you scroll down, you will see those who are offline too. View their profile and set up an alert so you know when they are online. Among the foot fetish performers you will find only a few ethnic girls, it seems that mostly Caucasians are involved in this kind of fixation. Most girls who had the foot fetish added to their list are professionals, and you will see that they have more than 100-200 reviews, usually getting five stars – also, the girls’ profile is a good way to see if the one you are looking at is the ONE you are looking FOR. The models are looking awesome, and since they usually have HD cameras, you can explore their body fully, the experience is especially great if you enlarge the player to the maximum. If you love fake tits, you don’t have to worry about that either – several of these professionals have their body-measurements modified to be even hotter: big fake tits, bubble butts and several of them have her lips enhanced. Overall, the girls are stunning. In case you take your time and explore their photos, you can even find the time when they decide to enhance their breasts.

The shows are usually controlled by you: you are the director, the girls are doing what you ask them to do… or if you are dominating, they do what you tell them to do. Having your own personal live show with a girl eager to perform for you is a unique experience, and it would be foolish not to try it once. Naturally, if you just like to watch nice foot you can ask the girls to play with their feet, while you jack-off on the other end of the line. There are girls who have toys to please their foot with, but if you have a complex fantasy, it’s certain that you are going to find a girl to make it come to life.

Long Story Short

The Flirt4Free has a great compilation of models who seem to be truly eager to get your fetishes going. Though the 50+ models with the foot fetish in their repertoire might look a bit too few, rest assured, that’s, in fact, a lot more than you could expect. Those who are looking for some hot fun, and are tired of regular porn with overplaying models will find this collection to be satisfying and pretty exciting – we loved these fetishist ladies, that’s for sure!