Gay Violations

Gay Violations Review

In Few Words

If you’re a gay sex fan, and you will like to watch a gay porn content that comes with some jokes and humour, you should definitely consider GayViolatios, there’s a lot of exclusive content that is fun.

Site Design

The Gay Violations site is user-friendly and made easy to navigate through. This website is also mobile friendly, meaning it works well on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones the same way it works in computers. You won’t miss a single thing, for those who are using mobile devices just be sure to have all the contents when using your mobile device, the same way you would, if you were using your computer.

This website has nice graphics, it has a nice black background, with some grey colours together with it. The font colours and styles match well with the background, and the text can be read well. This website has some few useful links, at the top of the page there are only two links which are member login link and the join now link. At the end of the page, there are some additional useful links, like scenes, guys and top rated link.

Videos on this website contain some few details, which include a short video name, a name of the guy(s) featured and the day of upload. On this website, the home page contains the top rated gay videos, which helps in making sure you land on the best contents of this site on your first visit. At the end of the page, there is also a link that allows you to watch more top rated videos. On this website, there is also a link to the guys’ page where you can see all the guys who are featured in those videos, a useful feature for those who may happen to develop interest on some of the guys. If it happened you like how one of those guys do the gay thing or the pranks, don’t worry you can view all the contents associated with him from the guys’ page.

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Videos & Guys

To make sure you don’t miss the hardcore, amateur, and fun stuff that is on this website, they brought those videos in four formats, that can be used in all devices. The video formats are MP4, MPEG, WMV, and Flash. The Flash format is for the streaming option and the other three are there for the download option.

On this website, there are also over 168 galleries with around 120 pictures in each. Together with that, there are also bonus sites and live chat, for those who would like to connect with the Gay Violations community. This website features white and black guy, the site is full of cute guys, who are sometimes funny as they do the pranks and other funny scenes, but they are sometimes serious especially when a serious hardcore has to be done.

The scenes of these videos will always blow your mind, in some scenes, you will find yourself laughing, and in some, you will find yourself wondering how did it happen. The scenes have been shot in different locations to give you an epic feel, there are both indoor and outdoor scenes. There are scenes acted in hotel rooms, some in gardens, some in car parking areas and some in other public areas that you can never imagine.

Long Story Short

This website is not just a gay porn website, it is rather a place with epic contents that will make you happy and at the same time show you the other side of gay porn. Get to see all scenes and stunts ranging from hardcore stuff getting asses stretched to some funny stuff that will leave you saying, this guy made my day.