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In Few Words

There is a lot to see on the Internet, but if you are a fan of porn, then you will know that there are many sites out there that are not that good, so you will never want to visit them, let alone join them. One way to do that is to visit a good site, like Gaystar Network, which has some of the hottest dudes on the Internet. They love hardcore sex, with one another, with girls, too, and there is a whole variety of them on the site, different guys for everyone’s needs.

Site Design

Once you see the site’s home page, you will quickly realize why it is one of the best sites on the Internet, when it comes to gay guys. The site will show you a good design, as it comes with some really nice colors, and some really nice things to see. The first thing that you notice is that the site has many previews, all of which are located below the menu bar, against a white background. The many previews are images from the videos, though you can highlight them to change them, and read the captions in order to see some of the stuff before you join.

What I also like is the fact that you can use the essential buttons on the menu bar to make the best of the site’s browsing experience. What is more, due to good optimization, sorting options and a search bar, getting to the videos is as simple as clicking a button. What I also enjoyed very much, is the fact that the site’s bandwidth is great. That means that you can open as many videos as you like at one time, and never feel a single stutter. Furthermore, the site has a mobile version, meaning that you can enjoy a better experience.

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Videos & Guys

But, those are only a few things that make this site great, as the technical details can take it only so far. There are the fat dudes, too, so there is a lot of variety here. They also love doing different things, from dick sucking, to pure fucking in the ass. Other guys also love inviting a girl over, for a threesome, as they start ponding on one another, and it all ends with a lot of cum.

The videos are great to watch, as their high quality make them superior, since the HD resolution makes everything come alive. The videos number over 700 and they have different lengths. They are updated frequently and you can stream or download them. Streaming is available in the flash format, while you can have the downloads in the MP4 format.

The photo galleries are also numerous, there are over 270 of them, and you can see at least 70 photos in each gallery. What I also like is that the site is actually a network, meaning that you don’t get only one site, but over 19 of them. Since they are networked, you get access to everything, and for only one membership.

Long Story Short

There is a lot to be seen on this site, so you should go and join it, to have the best possible viewing experience, as there is nothing similar to Gaystar Network on the Internet. Hot guys who love fucking and sucking, and they do invite girls over at some points, so you get to see it all, and much more, due to great perks.



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