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In Few Words

The porn industry is now flooded with different niches, which is perfect to suit the varying preferences of different porn users. There are some who likes to watch soft porn, there are also others who much prefer a hardcore action. If you’ll notice there are a multitude of porn sites that are sprouting like mushrooms nowadays. Some of these sites are dedicated to a single niche only. Although this is a good way to keep things organized and bring more focus of the contents on the site, it is always better to have a site like Goldwin Pass, which contains different kinds of niches that you can think of.

This way, you’ll be able to switch from one niche to another without spending too much time visiting other sites. Imagine yourself taking a trip to a large warehouse where all the things that you need are just right before your eyes. As others would say, “I’m like a first-timer in a candy shop”. Goldwin Pass is an exclusive site launched in 2015, which contains a wide range of porn videos like deepthroating, group sex, hardcore sex, threesome and many more. If you prefer a quick jack off, you can choose the best scenes that will take you directly to the action.

Otherwise, you can explore through series of masturbation to hardcore sex videos if you want to spend more time pleasuring yourself. You can say that Goldwin Pass is a library of different fetish. It is quite difficult to identify the niche of the site because of the variation but you can see that hardcore sex is the common ground in most videos. When it comes to the size of the site, the complexity of its contents no longer makes it an insignificant site. Besides, they also promised to upload new contents on a daily basis thus increasing its size in no time. Unfortunately, Goldwin Pass only uploads videos. You cannot expect to see pictures of hot and naked girls in the site. The membership fee of the site is just cheaper than you can get knowing that it already contains different niche and fetish that are uploaded in high-quality.

Site Design

As of the writing, the site has just launched a new website design. Compared to the previous design, the new design looks more polished. First of all, this is a good indication that the site is still active in the business since it still continues to improve its services. The site has a pretty good header which slideshows different erotic pictures. The color scheme of the site which is gold and black also speaks for the website name “Goldwin Pass”. At first glance you’ll already have the impression that this site is not your ordinary site. It might even look like it can offer premium services because of its gold and black theme.

It also has a navigation menu that is easy to use. When viewing it on the desktop, the navigation menu is presented horizontally across your screen. On mobile, you still have to toggle the menu icon on the upper left corner of your screen. Despite the fact that this site offers a wide range of videos, Goldwin Pass still makes its contents manageable because of the smart search tool. You can simply type the keyword or the model’s name and a dropdown will appear containing a list of suggested videos. It also has an auto-complete feature. Although the site does not offer pictures, the quality of their videos are quite impressive.

Besides that, the scenes are also original and updated everyday. The site also allows you to choose the quality and resolution of the video. The highest resolution that you can get is a 4K Ultra HD which is 3840×2160. This resolution is applicable regardless if you’re streaming or downloading the video. If you want to download the videos, you can only download one video at a time as it does not support multiple downloads. No download limits are imposed. The video is only available in MP4 format.

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Videos & Chicks

The girls in the videos are well picked. And since this site has a wide collection of scenes, you can expect different types of girls also. There are those Brazilian bombshells with their big boobs and wide hips, there are girls with shaved pussies, and there are also amateur German models.

One of the models that you should check is Marina Montana. She appears in quite a number of gangbang videos where she gets it down and dirty with some horny countrymen. If she is not your type, don’t worry because there are over 400 videos in the site which also feature transgenders. In some videos you’ll see Brazilians engaging in hardcore group sex. Some girls you’ll see masturbating to huge dildos that you can see their pussies stretched as far as it can. You can also expect fisting in these videos.

If you want a more challenging scenes, how about watching two naked sluts take turns in riding a white dick along the beach? You’ll definitely get horny even while watching their hardened nipples and bouncing ass under the sun. Just when you think you couldn’t get any hornier, you can also see a video of a slut getting a sweaty and intense gangbang. Imagine the pleasure of taking too many cocks stuffed in an oozing wet pussy.

Long Story Short

If you want a site that won’t leave you hanging while waiting for updates, Goldwin Pass is worth the try. The diversity of porn films in this site is satisfying and instead of getting enough, you’ll end up craving for more videos. However, unlike other sites, you wouldn’t wait in vain as the site is very active in updating new videos. With a membership fee that’s fairly affordable, a beautiful selection of models and a good quality videos, Goldwin Pass will definitely win the support of porn fanatics.



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