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In Few Words

HairyArms is an exceptional reality sex site, pushing the boundaries to feature porn stars with hairy arms. The site is a chronicle of Lori Anderson, a hot and sexy blonde girl famous for her long tresses and hair on her lovely arms, and her wild partying life. HairyArms offers exclusive videos and pictures of Lori Anderson and her gang of hairy sluts fucking guys and each other. You will be pleasantly delighted watching such sexy sluts, which will cause a huge bulge in your pants in no time.

If you have never fucked a girl with hairy arms, you have never experienced a true pleasure. Girls with hairy arms have something incredible about them. They seem to have come from another planet. They can please you in ways that you would have never thought possible. Some sites offer this genre of porn. If it is what turns you on, one site stands out as the one that will give you the best possible satisfaction.

Varying subscription plans offered by the site ensure that you always get one, which meets all your needs. The value you get from the site’s content makes the price quite irrelevant. This in-depth review of the site’s features is intended to educate about all you will gain from watching amazing quality content just like offered on the site.

Site Design

Visitors are attracted to any site by the quality of its design and features. With HairyArms, you can be assured that everything about it is spot-on, be it the colors, the layout of the videos, the images used, the bonus contents, the number of videos, photos and much more. To start with, it must be stated that HairyArms has been created with a responsive design, ensuring that it loads quickly and easily, on any device. So, if you are keen to catch a glimpse of Lori Anderson, you can do it on your mobile or tab, anywhere and at any time.

HairyArms’ most outstanding feature is its color scheme. A feminine shade of brown and red was used for the site’s primary background. White, light yellow and blue are the colors used for fonts to really accentuate the site generally and the content particularly. The white fonts are more dominant than the other two. The white-colored fonts give the site a sexy appearance, which jumps at you once you land on the homepage.

Video representing thumbnails are arranged in grid format around the central section. The thumbnails have a trial video above them, while the white fonts give video details below them. White lines are used as borders for the thumbnails, while the white fonts used for the details accentuate the thumbnails quite well.

HairyArms gives access to exclusive bonus feeds and live cams when you join. Most live cams exclusively feature Lori Anderson, performing for her fans, and you will find her with someone or the other in all her live shows. With over 500GB of exclusive HD quality videos for your ejaculation experience, you can download as many videos as you want, once you attain membership. You can watch the videos streaming to your computer through the embedded flash player or download them to your computer in FLV or WMV formats. What’s more, your contents are always fresh, for there are weekly updates to this site. If you are not content with videos, there are more than 100,000 photos at your disposal, in excellent quality, high-resolution formats. To speed up downloading the photos, you can compress them into a zip file.

Overall, HairyArms’ home page is a very nice and easy to navigate site, and instantly gets you into the hairy arms niche. The members’ area looks pretty and has simple menu buttons for navigating to exclusive images, videos bonus feeds, live cams and, other content that will surely get you wetting your pants in no time.

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Videos & Chicks

HairyArms chronicles Lori and all the slutty, hot and sexy friends she meets in all her wild parties during her world tours. If you have any erotic dreams and fantasies, you must subscribe to HairyArms, for Lori and her friends will surely make them come true.

When a slut goes on a wild world tour, it is expected that she meets wild friends, and the wilder they are the better it is for someone like you. That’s the reason for you to subscribe to an exquisite porn site, isn’t it? With HairyArms, you can rest assured that the girls are truly exotic, and can bring to life your erotic fantasies.

Diversity can be the other name of HairyArms, and you will find girls from all sizes and shapes waiting to fuck your mind out. Asians, ebonies, Europeans, Americans, Indians, black beauties and much more sluts from across the world come to play with Lori, and in the process, show how crazy they are in fucking and getting fucked. There are blondes, black-haired chicks, redheads, plump sluts, slim ones, MILFs, amateurs, matures and much more. Enjoy their naked bodies responding positively to each thrust, moaning and screaming in ecstasy.

Enjoy the boobs swaying provocatively while fucking, and the nipples hardening and inviting the guys and sluts to suck them hard. The pink and wet pussies are ever hungry for cocks, and the chicks lose no time in taking these hard boners into them. The asses are insanely tight, and drilling the asshole requires sheer strength, which makes the sluts scream wildly.

These moans, screams, and shrieks are so loud that you will realize they are genuine, and not scripted. Such genuine sex will truly turn you on to no end. Enjoy well-made HD quality videos in the bedroom, hotel, restaurant, beach, by the poolside, even in the pool, gym and many places, and which cover one-on-ones, lesbian and solo shows, group sex and orgies and much more.

Long Story Short

Finally, if hairy arms on hot, sexy girls are what truly give you a hard on, then considering joining HairyArms is probably the perfect thing to do. HairyArms has everything going in favor of it with amazing site design, awesome features, and outstanding porn contents. HairyArms is easy to own, and there are various plans you can opt for, ranging from a monthly or a quarterly or an annual plan. Annual plans give you significant savings. With access to 21 bonus sites in Lori’s XXX network, HairyArms makes an awesome site to join.



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