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There are just some couples who want to take videos of them while doing nasty and dirty sex. There are people who like watching videos of other people having sex unnoticed. If you identify yourself in the given description, this website is perfect for you. Home Spy Video is dedicated to voyeurs or those who gets sexually gratified from seeing other people’s genitals or watching sexual activities of other people while without them noticing.

This website contains thousands of amateur sex videos of couples doing softcore or hardcore sex. So if you are the kind of person who has the same fetishism, then I highly recommend this website to gratify your sexual pleasures.

Site Design

I myself like watching hardcore sex videos whether I’m alone masturbating or when I’m with a girl and want to experiment acrobatic moves. I think sexual pleasure depends on every person, and honestly, there are people who are like peeping Toms and gets horny every time they caught someone having sex, or showing off their genitals or private body parts. And there are even people who get sexually gratified once they know they are being watched having sex. Really, there’s a lot you may not know or discover about your sexuality yourself, and this is the perfect website to discover your inner sexual gratification. To be honest, I can’t help but get horny as well while watching some of the amateur videos. Home Spy Video got dozens of these videos and the website is always updated. It seems like more and more people are having fun getting caught in camera while having their intimate sexual activities. We are here to check them all out. The default page is filled with interesting features like a list of category at the right side of the screen.

In all fairness, they have a lot of categories in the website be that anal, Asian, big tits, blowjob, ebony, facial, fetish, group, hardcore, Latina, lesbian, masturbation and much more. As it claims, all of their videos and pictures were uploaded by their members. They are just too happy and willing enough to show us their sexual activities and some random naked activities that are just titillating though softcore. There is a lot to be seen on this website and it’s really entertaining, even for a newbie like me on this website. It feels so homey with all the members who can share their comments and views at the comments portion at the right side of the screen, just below the category. I think this is one feature you can’t mostly find on other websites. They would share their comments like nice girls with nice bodies, and couples having wild sex. Below the comments column is a poll rate about the kind of girls you want to fuck and they have a long list below which you can click. They will then present a statistic that shows the percentage of girls, and so far, Asians are topping the list. It also has an archive of the number of videos and pictures uploaded every year.

As of now, the recent polls suggest that they have a total of 11,981 videos and 2,056 pictures in their gallery. That is an overwhelming number of videos and picture you can watch and satisfy your sexual urges. The format of the videos varies but you will get to stumble on high-quality definition videos from time to time. The videos can be downloaded in AVI files, windows media player, MPEGs and flash players. And because the pictures are taken by amateurs, you will still find many pictures in high resolution. Being a member of the website will give you access to all of the amateur home sex videos and pictures.

Videos & Chicks

This website has a lot to offer and it comes in varied forms; like you can see a couple doing hardcore drilling and anal sex in a very luxurious hotel. There is also a video of lesbians pleasuring each other and is surely having the best time. You can even see some objects fetishists who make use of combs to pleasure their pussies by drilling it inside their warm vaginas. There is also one girl who accidentally or maybe she did that on purpose, who showed off her ass in front of her daddies camera and fingering herself in front of everyone. She’s totally not aware of us watching her, which is the best part really.

There is also one wild video of a girl getting pounded in her anal. His boyfriend sure does having fun and getting so horny filming out the whole sexual performance. And you would clearly show her boyfriend is having fun with her moaning and screaming all the time. The videos have video caps so every time you click on them, some scenes of the video are shown. It’s nice because you can get to see what’s initially going on inside, might as well interest you to watch.

The videos have ratings at the bottom part so you will know if it’s a nice video or not. A short description is written below as well so you get to know what it’s all about. There are girls fingering themselves or getting fumbled by their boyfriends. It’s either they don’t know they are in front of a camera or also likes taking videos of themselves.

Long Story Short

So, if you like watching people doing their sexual activities without them knowing, then this website has the best videos for you. You will never be disappointed and it’s all worth it being a member of this site. With all the thousands of videos and pictures, they have in their collection. It’s all amateur and they are clearly having fun. They enjoyed being watched having hardcore sex, and you enjoy watching people have sex, it’s just perfect! This is the perfect website for everyone.


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