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Idols 69 Review

In Few Words

Japanese porn is awesome. Are you a fan of this type of porn as well? Then you are insure luck, my friend, because the porn site that we are going to feature today is one of the best Japanese porn sites ever. In fact, in all my time writing porn reviews, I have never seen a better Japanese porn site than the one we are going to feature today. It is just awesome on many levels.

First, the porn stars that you are going to see here are some of most beautiful Japanese girls you have ever seen. Don’t worry, we are going to talk more about them later, in the latter part of this review. Second, the videos that they have here are high-quality. They are all high-definition with a crisp and clear resolution. It can’t get any clearer than this! Not to mention that the porn videos that you are going to see here are shot in the special Japanese style. This is done by positioning the camera in a certain way resulting in that distinct angle that you can ONLY find on Japanese videos.

Finally, all of these exclusive and high-quality content are available for unlimited streaming and downloading, given that you are going to sign up for premium membership. But there is no need for you to worry, brother, because sign-up is pretty simple and, on top of that, you will also get to enjoy a lot of other Japanese porn sites without any additional cost. It’s different porn sites at the amount of just one site! It is truly a perfect package for any Japanese porn fan!

And so without further ado, let me tell you the name of this porn site already. It’s Idols 69. I’m not going to be too surprised if you have already heard about this porn site because it is pretty popular among Jap porn fans anyway, and not only that, it’s one of the biggest porn sites in Asia. In fact, almost all of the most famous Japanese pornstars today have worked and starred for an Idols 69 scene at least once. That’s how popular this porn site is!

Other membership perks of this porn site include excellent customer service, mobile optimization (which means that you can easily access this porn site and all of its contents even while you’re out and about, just make sure that you have a portable device with a video player, an internet browser, and a good internet connection), and ultra-fast servers (for faster streaming and downloading speeds).

Site Design

This porn site’s design and features, compared to most porn sites that are available on the World Wide Web, is rather simple yet does not fail in emphasising the different details where Japanese beauty is being showcased, wherever you look on the porn site. By the time that your eyes have laid upon the porn site, you will already see some of the hottest Japanese adult video models and porn stars ever. You will be greeted by a welcome banner which allows you to sample on the different kinky pornographic offerings that this porn site has for you.

Aside from that, as you scroll down the landing platform or landing page of this porn site you will already see more images of the different adult video models that are part of this porn site together with their respective porn videos where they are starred at in form of numerous HD thumbnails, as well as several site ads where their famous porn star is being advertised for additional traffic on the site.

Moreover, the porn site also includes to the porn sites that are associated with it under the same network just like ShavePussy, POVJP, and of course, the JapaneseTeens just to name a few of them. After all, this porn site is considered to be one of the largest premium porn sites that show numerous Asian fucking. And finally, you will find at the bottom of the part of the page other main features of the porn site as well as its other membership perks that are meant for members and future members to enjoy.

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Videos & Chicks

This porn sites impressive videos target audiences who are both loyal fans of Japanese porn as well as attracting new timers into this sort of porn flavour. In order to amplify your viewing experience, the porn site itself is designed to further lead you for deeper premium adult contents, as you browse for them even more.

But of course, this porn sites premium and exclusive contents are not possible without the very adult video stars that make watching their pornographic contents possible. It is without a doubt that the reputation of this porn site is built upon the very porn stars and Japanese bombshells that play as the muse for every featured adult video content on this porn site. Some of the famous Japanese porn bombshells that you will see on this porn site are Maria Ozawa, Hinano Momosaki, and Kaede Matsushima. 

Long Story Short

The quality of videos that this porn site has is without a doubt some of the industry’s most crisp and clear that are shot only with the use of the latest motion picture cameras with HD functionality. Also, the porn site is also designed to be browsed anywhere and anytime you want – as long as you have an internet connection- as it’s mobile friendly, ensuring a one hundred percent perfect browsing from any devices the internet ready devices.

It goes without saying that, compared to the previous porn sites that I have reviewed before this one of the porn sites that I have truly loved. To be honest, I would prefer browsing through and streaming videos from premium porn sites such as this than from those free Western ones.



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