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In Few Words

IStripper is a fine porn site and desktop app, and a Totem Core member site that features amazingly sexy ladies stripping for you right on your PC in a manner that gets you shooting into your pants. All men normally wish to fulfill a desire of getting into a strip club one day. Nevertheless, most of the men either, because they are in a relationship or because they just don’t want to be seen going in, refuse to let go and fulfill their wish. Well, for such the desire and fetish for watching strikingly beautiful and naked ladies still lingers. That is where IStripper helps in solving your problem. You can experience having a sexy stripper right there on your PC.

The IStripper software is an upgrade of their former software that was named VirtualGirl. The creators are now able to offer their members video clips in Ultra HD and 4K resolution quality. The site features a clear and crisp pixels compression. With one of the superb designs you have ever seen, the site features performers that are all sizzling hot. The site’s resolution is incredible that it appears as if the sexy sluts are doing their thing right before your very eyes. This makes their performances so sexy that you think of nothing else but downloading the software to join the site. Read this in-depth review of the site before you do so.

Site Design

The creators of IStripper deserve to be commended for churning out such exceptional software, which has a throbbing power for churning out UHD 4K resolution video clips. There are settings on the site, which you can access for regulating background, eroticism height, context menu options and download resolutions of the videos. When you click the ‘I’ menu button, you are shown links to an entry on the user manual page, troubleshooting page, general game gen and varying user support options. The ‘downloads’ menu button enables you to cut off downloaded material. A simple on and/or off command button executes the halting action in a breeze, such as when somebody enters the room. In addition, the menu options are completed with basic window maximizing, minimizing and closing command buttons.

You can access play history and entry playlist tool boxes via all tabs. You can also completely randomize, fix to reiterate, modify or save playlists. Play history enables you to go back to easily find performances you formerly enjoyed. The sexy sluts and their performances are shown on a simple to use but robust user interface. The software is mobile friendly thereby compatible with varying mobile devices.

IStripper offers more than 2500 full-length video footages featuring sexy nude and semi-nude strip performances acted out by almost 1000 sexy and gorgeous models. The site features a lot of non-nude and nude performances right out of the box. The innovative Ultra HD 4K resolution feature offers excellent realism when you watch the clips. Other dimensions are 720p and 1080p. They appear so real that you instantly develop a rock hard erection that won’t go away. The site also offers images that can be downloaded as ZIP files and one or two bonus clips that come with each card, which can be streamed or downloaded. The requirements for the software are quite simple. The executable file to be downloaded is just 25MB in size. It works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and SP3. It comes with not even one single virus, so it is quite safe.

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Videos & Chicks

IStripper features more than 2500 quality erotically arousing stripping videos featuring about 1000 sexy and slutty popular models including even dancers. These stars include the likes of Skin Diamond, Valentina Nappi, and Ariana Marie. All these stars you can watch do their thing on your PC’s display when you download the software. They are so good at what they do that they will surely make you wet in your pants within the shortest time possible. You will get cards with the hottest and horniest models that range from curvy to slim, stripping so seductively, going down and dirty to have lesbian sex and some pleasuring themselves. With an option of choosing from a selection of a whopping 3000 cards, the site still keeps adding seven to eight cards every week.

With this site, every idle minute of yours makes being another instant closer to watching a spontaneous performance from beauties that will leave you drooling quite possible. The site has gathered some of the largest male club decorations and created an exceptional full display feature which turns your PC into a real strip environment in which the horniest and sexiest ladies dance and spin in a manner that ensures the front of your pant is wet with your precum.

All IStripper performances are filmed in ultra HD 4K resolution to warrant the best possible excellence for any gadget you might be using. The site’s video production chain is fully optimized to give the greatest quality of their content at all production stages. They employ the greatest video shooting and post-creation tools in order to bring out the perfect brightness and sharpness possible. The IStripper community is made up of a truly massive following. With almost 30 million downloads, for now, the site has created a handy and exceptional community over the years. You can meet, interact and chat with other users concerning the sexy sluts and their sensual arts. The site makes users’ opinions count as they allow it to influence attire decisions, casting choices and other aspects of the content creation process. This offers great novel and fresh shows week in and week out.

Long Story Short

IStripper is your most ideal spot if you are a lover of great, sexually arousing and sensual strip shows. If you lack the needed gut to walk into a strip show club with high shoulders, then the horny and hot beauties offered by the site are the best companions for you. The raunchy ladies offer stunts that are much better and more fulfilling than the ones you get from traditional strip clubs. So, you should rush and download IStripper today and your huge monster cock will truly thank you for doing so.



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