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In Few Words

The best-paid site 2016 for erotic beautiful and determined Japanese women never worrying if you are a big admirer of Asian sex and flavor much is in store for you. All Japanese Pass contain a vast network dealing in all type of content of Asian type. On the site, you will find some really pretty Japanese models most of whom are professional stars in the Japanese porn industry. They are involved in very different scenes most of which include having blowjobs, getting gang banged and also solo or girl on girl action.

The videos are of very high quality and watching feels like you are actually taking part in the action on scenes. There are so many hot scenes that are sure to leave you with a raging hard on. if you are not careful, you will be spilling cum even before the video you are watching has gone halfway. As a duly registered member on the site, you also get access to the other bonus sites on the staxxx network, this means you will be getting more than the gang bangs and blowjobs that you get on nipponhd. You will have access to sites like firstxxxvideo, comptonbooty and cougars and freshies. However, you have to click on the join tab to follow the registration process that gives you full membership access rights.

Site Design

The main page is well designed to attract you Attention easily. It contain sections such as DVD, models videos and pictures. As it’s designed to look more of an account, new members are advised to register. Once registered you are able to obtain more bonus content. As I was also browsing through one thing made me be like, oh my … the models section. A click at the model give you a chance to know her better and also the scenes she has featured in. also you can search for your best model here. The searching box gives easy time to retrieve previous information because the homepage is regularly updated. Main page is organized and show you the most recent scenes and the most rated. Giving you a chance to obtain the best.

This site is fanciful making use of high-resolution images that can leave your eye wondering if you were actually seeing the girls real. The site has a couple of features and tools to aid browsing but nothing too complicated. The mains menu tabs that stand out are those for scenes and bonus. The scenes tab takes you to the scenes page where you can find videos to watch. Here you can sort out the videos by the latest updates. The videos are presented as thumbnails that carry the title of the video, the name of the featured model or models and the length of the videos. You will find this videos displayed in the content area of the homepage.

There is a preview video on the top left-hand corner of the home page. This preview video is very comprehensive and includes a mixture of clips from the different videos that are found on the site. Through the preview video, you can get an idea of what to expect from this site. In the preview video, you will see, girls on girl action, hardcore porn and other rough and hard porn. Members can also get the chance to go on live chats with their favourite models.

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Videos & Chicks

You will find the models on this site really glamorous and expensive looking. Even when they are semi-nude or nude, their polished bodies tell you these are girls who take very good care of their bodies. Most of them are cute with varying boob sizes. For the most parts, they have changed their hair colour to look blonde or redhead. These girls are mostly professionals with a few amateurs also featuring. Most times the professionals are well-known faces in Japanese porn. Some of the models on the site are: Umemiya, Rino Mizasawa, MyuTsubaski and tada Umezawa.

The videos have some very interesting themes most of which are very original and exclusive to the site. You will find videos with office themes where new recruits get fucked by their bosses or new recruits get fucked by their new colleagues. You will also find videos in an institute which institute girls are getting gang banged by their classmates or institute teachers are getting gangbanged by their students. There are also videos on solo actions where girls are using objects like carrots and dildos to pleasure their pussies.

Most o the videos vary in length with some being very long and others very short. The videos are all in high definition and are available for unlimited download by members. These videos can also be streamed directly online using the embedded player. Members can also have access to the different photo sets on the site. Photosets can be downloaded in zip format.

Long Story Short

More than 2000 videos are provided incorporation with other 4 bonus sites. The videos are of full HD and can be streamed in flash. Also downloadable in mp4s of different quality. No restriction on amount of content downloaded. Over 7952 picture galleries are available. Each gallery contain 60 pictures. Can be downloaded in zip profiles and video captures. $7.50 is the subscription fee per month.



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