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Lara’s Playground Review

In Few Words

Best hardcore xxx site, Lara’s Playground welcomes you to the world of a real-life British couple who are so horny with or without each other. Lara and Jim are both expert porn directors and producers but they are the best when it comes to their own hardcore performances. From lesbian sex to party orgies, Lara and Jim would take you to a porn world you’ve never known before! 

Site Design

The website of Lara’s Playground has a very welcoming atmosphere. The layout and design are simple and yet colorful. The photos that show the couple in their various sexual adventures are really tempting and arousing. They are well over the prime years of their lives and yet that doesn’t limit them to try everything that can please themselves and the viewers.

The photos on the homepage are displayed along with the summaries of the filthy and naughty adventures. You would be able to see plenty of new faces and porn models who have been convinced by the couple. The sex locations are also exciting. There are movies shot on porn studios, on the couple’s own house and even on the streets.

There’s a lot to see on the homepage but that’s only a bite to what this site has to offer. You only need to click the button of invitation to see more. The video page has thousands of full-length films that averagely run for thirty minutes. The visual quality is amazing and the Flash player lets you stream the videos in full-screen with a playback option.

The tour lets you enjoy a personal touch and plenty of advanced features. There are free trailers for you which allow you to get an impression. The episodes are listed and presented in such a streamlined manner. You’ll never have trouble finding the next episode to a series. Lara’s Playground is unique and entertaining and it definitely deserves your membership!

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Videos & Chicks

Whether you want an erotic approach or a nasty one, Lara can do the thing for you. Majority of the collection here shows her engaging in lesbian sex with a lot of sex toy plays and penetration. You can also find her fucking amateurs and oldies she had met only on the road. Jim has videos here too, having party sex with sluts.

The link to his own porn site is accessible from the homepage. You can check it out for free in case you want to see how he fucks! If you want to taste the best British porn flavors, you only have to be a member today and you’re off to such a horny ride! 

Long Story Short

Lara’s Playground is centered to a couple’s real fetish adventures. Lara and Jim are so horny they couldn’t get enough of each other. To make their sex life even hotter, they decided to set out and hunt for amateurs who are willing to star in hardcore movies. From stunning sweethearts to gorgeous hunks, the couple had convinced them all!



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