Lexo Web Review


Lexoweb is an erotic website featuring a female exhibitionist, Lexo, performing various acts either nude or semi-nude. The content is 100% exclusive. As a member, you get to access all the videos on the site without restrictions. To become a member, you will be required to pay a very cheap fee.

Design and Features

Lexoweb is very simple and feels very light, when you first load the home page. The site has five menu links that lead to various pages. Navigation is simple and straightforward, this is probably the reason they did not see the need to have a search function. The site has a plain grey background. This would have made the overall design of the site somewhat plain, but it has quality photo galleries, which gives the site a touch of elegance. The platform is mainly a collection of videos, but there are a few photo galleries. Also the site has image previews of the movies that are on that site. Overall, Lexoweb has a collection of approximately 150 videos from Lexo that you can access for a few dollars. You can also buy a single video and download it in either MP4 or WMV. The videos are advertised as being over 8 minutes long, but most videos are around 25 minutes.

Girls and Videos

I tend to think this website is a one-model affair. The site features the widely acclaimed model Lexo an Italian nudist with a body to die for. Slim, fit and sexy she loves to expose her perfect body for all to see. She is about 5 foot 7 inches tall. She has firm attractive breasts and a tanned body that she ensures has no tan-lines by sunbathing nude. She is also known for her genital piercings and butt plug. What I like about Lexo is that she’s very bold and does not hesitate to expose her perfect slim body for all to see. Whether it is in a grocery store, the streets, the beach, or at the park, Lexo will not run away from an opportunity where she can expose herself. Just peruse the site and you will see plenty of her action captured in HD videos and high-resolution photos.

In most videos, she is wearing a very short skirt. The skirt is so short that the piercing and the chain from her genitals can be seen hanging below the helm of her skirt. Her skirts length is always convenient when she needs to play with herself, all she needs to do is raise the hem a little. She often walks around with her butt-plug. Sometimes she stops to play around with a butt-plug and she has no qualms doing this at the park or in the middle of the street. Even though the videos and photos are all from one model, she has made an effort to make it diverse from the locations from where they are shot, to the way she is dressed. Some videos are shot in parades, others when it is raining and there’s no one outside. Sometimes Lexo is dressed in short skirt, while sometimes she is completely nude. The movies vary in length and can be streamed online or downloaded individually. To download, you have to pay a fee for each video you pick. The best way to get access to vids do is to subscribe. Once you subscribe as a member, you can watch as many movies as you wish and download unlimited visits round the clock.


Lexoweb is a great site for those folks who enjoy public nudity, especially from a very fit and good looking model. It also has a lot of variety and the subscription is non-recurring. For all its pretty models and quality vids, it’s definitely worth checking out.