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In Few Words

Every once in a while you find a site that is so well made and it offers so many things that you cannot help but feel relieved that out there, somewhere, there are people working hard day and night, nonstop just to bring you the best quality product they can offer. One of those sites is Man’s Best, the “Best” adjective fits quite well because Man’s Best is one of the best gay porn sites on the net and here is why.

Site Design

You just have to put Man’s Best URL on your favorite browser and you will see what we are talking about. The main home page is designed to catch your eye and show you what is all about, gay hardcore sex. The main home page displays the latest video uploads as well as the most popular videos on the site, they might be the safest choice to watch every time you log in for your enjoyment. All these thumbnails are organized in columns and they also add along with the title every video’s runtime.

Man’s Best also is very rich with its features. You can go to “video scenes” to browse from more than four hundred videos and more than for thousand images that will definitely get you hard without you even noticed it. Man’s Best also adds a very nice DVD store, where you can find the gay porn scene latest releases, the DVD store follows the same design from the main site so it is just as user-friendly as the former. Following the “Store” theme, you can also find a toy store, filled with all the latest technology and advances in sex entertainment, everything is here, and prices are quite affordable while there are also some really sweets deals on gear of several types.

Man’s Best also partners with a very nice and equally well-designed blog that will keep updated on the latest news and released from the gay porn scene. Having a blog on the site it is actually a very interesting enterprise as it works as another way to promote content and to create some sense of community among the users. Users that will help to spread the word about your content, so it is a very smart move on Man’s Best part to have something like this.

While were talking about forming a sense of community among the users, Man’s Best also has a very nice Live Chat, where you can easily connect with others if you are feeling adventurous and maybe even concrete something more real and exciting, anything can happen. This is another great feature from the site.

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Videos & Guys

Videos, just as the features, are varied. Intense raw gangbangs, intimate sexy solo masturbation scenes, and threesomes are also here. If you love gay porn in any of its forms then I assure there is something for you here.

All videos run between twenty-five to thirty minutes and while not all of them come in HD resolution most of them do, and those do not still show some quite acceptable image quality. Do not be worry about quality because that is not a problem with so many producing houses contributing to the site the offerings will always be good and constant.

Long Story Short

Man’s Best is one of the best gay porn sites you will see around. It is full of features as stories, a blog, and a great Live Chat. Memberships are not that expensive and they come in two types; streaming only and Download/Streaming combo. Choose what you will but Man’s Best will not disappoint.


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