Mommy Seductions

Mommy Seductions Review

In Few Words

Mommy Seductions is an amateur porn site that brings you sizzling sex encounters between fresh to mature women and boys. The site seeks to focus on mature women seducing fresh boys into sex acts that end in lots of cum spilling from the youthful sturdy cocks. There are many models on the seductive spree. The dudes are energetic and innocent looking but they don’t fail the mature cuties. There are scenes that feature the cuties totally subdued by the pounding from the energetic dudes.

Site Design

The site is draped in attractive orange and grey hues. Yet, the most interesting and useful aspect for me immediately I landed on their home page was the way they have organized their content. Most of us porn fanatics don’t have time on our side. So when I steal time from my busy work schedule to explore some sleazy hot porn sites I like to get my answers fast. The site has a clearly laid out categories list that allows users to quickly learn what goes around. I loved the way they have listed their services, and entertainment flicks by categories. Navigation is, therefore, made much easier with several alternative browsing tools that have been made available. Although I didn’t see a dedicated search tool, my experience navigating the site can only be termed as excitingly adventurous. I also loved the presentation on the landing page in general. There are images of sexy hot moms holding and sucking up big cocks as the boys close their eyes to listen to the bodies as the moms press the right sensual buttons. The content can be viewed from both PC and mobile devices including phones and tablets.

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Videos & Chicks

One of the exciting aspects of this site is that you are provided with video scenes that have been uploaded by users from across the globe. You get to see real people and real sex encounters. There is no overzealous strain or struggle to impress an onlooker. The sex scenes are mostly shot in private locations within houses or secure private outdoor scenes; well, I guess I’ve lied a bit on the latter point. I remember watching one of the mommy-boy scenes as the sex action unfolded right on a pubic beach filled with vacationers. Other videos feature these beautiful moms in steamy sex action as they suck the dudes’ cocks, or even as they receive cum in their asses and pussies from the already rock hard, stimulated and charged boyss. You also get to view the cuties being laid on the flow as they are screwed deep and hard by the boys. I love the choice of lingerie that these mature and apparently more experienced Milfs do. The panties and the heels just make my loins weak and wet. There are several videos in which the boys flick and suck the models cherries as they moan with pleasure, throw their legs up and clasp a dude right behind the small of their backs as if to ask for an even deeper penetration.
The videos vary from some great and clear shots to real amateurish ones. This is understandable because they are uploaded from independent sources.

Long Story Short

The videos and pics on this site are great quality content that makes you want to keep watching. You are also treated to rare sex encounters that are real. The videos come from real people somewhere around you. There is no strain or effort to keep you entertained. It is simply natural seduction in natural settings; only, this time the girls do the teasing and seducing as the fresh boys fall into their experienced hands with a keen eye of getting inside these mommies’ pussies. This website isn’t updated anymore, i suggest you a visit our list of premium porn sites to find another adult site membership.