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In Few Words

Sometimes you just have to make every possibility happen to satisfy yourself. Sometimes you don’t have to pour in much effort but to just sit back, open your legs and allow your sexual fantasies to drive you. Refrain yourself from resisting the lust that you have even if it includes opening your doors to other gender preference. Bisexual sex is very challenging. It means that you are stepping beyond the usual preference of the norms. To make things smokier, why not try an orgy? If you are brave enough to take this challenge, Naughty Bi is the perfect site for you. If we compare it to other bi sex sites, Naughty Bi has some flavour into its scenes.

Moving on, Naughty Bi is part of the well-known ExtremeMoviePass network. Based on the reputation that this giant network has, we can indeed say that Naughty Bi has some good quality porn films in their collection. And speaking of ExtremeMoviePass network, there’s also a special treat for Naughty Bi’s members that have something to do with the entire network of ExtremeMoviePass. What is this treat? Being a member, you can then easily access the sites included in this network without having to register over and over again.

Considering the varying concepts and themes that are in each of the bonus sites, this offer is indeed a good treat. There are also no photo galleries in the contents so these bonus sites will really help if you are looking for still images of nude and erotic scenes. Naughty Bi was first launched in 2013 and up until now, they are still providing contents that belong to the bisexual and hardcore sex niche.

Site Design

The site has a dark and basic theme. However, it is not flat and boring because it has eye-catching designs. The colours used are also very interesting in the header section of the page. Aside from the colours, you can also see pictures of these horny bisexuals in wild group sex filed in a collage which fills up most space of the header. There are also thumbnails in every video which gives you a sneak peek of what will happen in the scenes to spare you from wasting time on some videos that are not that good.

You can also rely on the ratings of the videos which are rated by the members of the site who has already watched the video. This can also help you evaluate if the video is worthy of your time or not. You can also favourite those videos that have exceeded your expectations. This way, you’ll be able to keep track of these videos easily since they will be added in the favourites section. There are also update details marked in each of the uploaded scenes.

Aside from streaming the videos using the in-browser video player of the site, you can also download these videos in full movie mp4 format. The site also posts a clear file size details to guide you. The average size of the videos range from 500MB to 1GB and these videos are already in High Quality. The download manager is also reliable and can provide pause/resume feature when downloading. For the resolution of the videos, there are two resolutions that we can find. There’s the 852×480 with a bitrate speed of 5000k and the 640×480 with a bitrate speed of 3100k. Those resolutions are applicable for the downloadable videos. When streaming, you only get a 640×480 resolution. As of now, there are already more than 90 scenes being uploaded on the site. Each of these scenes is approximately 30 minutes of wild and hardcore bisexual sex.

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Videos & Chicks

As what I have noticed, the girls in the videos that I’ve watched do not have the porcelain white complexion that we commonly see in mainstream porn videos. Rather, these girls are fair to black skinned. Including the male models too! Based on their performances on the videos that I have seen, I think there is a mixture of amateur to professional porn stars on this site. I have seen that in some videos, the girls are not very creative and inviting unlike those who are already in the business for quite some time now.

However, the content of the videos is still not sacrificed because although these models are still amateur, they are already way ahead of the rest of their niche. The videos are well thought of. The scenes are unique from one another. The scenes are also creatively done that will surely make you horny in just a few seconds of watching the video. I think filming a group sex is not a piece of cake because it needs to make sure that everyone in the group is well synchronised and is equally given the spotlight.

In Naughty Bi, I give both of my thumbs up to the well-synchronised group sex. In the videos, it’s hard to tell which of the male or the female is performing well because everyone in the group has their fair share of roles. The male also sucks each other’s dicks while the female also shove strap-on dildos in the tight asses of the males.

Long Story Short

I think Naughty Bi is the best bisexual porn site that you can find on the internet. It has a nice collection of scenes, good quality videos and of course, the models are very fit and sexy. I think the models are really doing very well because they are very flexible in their gender preference. In every video, the audience can’t surely help but to glue his eyes on every scene. The wide array of bonus sites is also very catchy. With all these, Naughty Bi is definitely a worthy purchase.



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