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In Few Words

What is the weirdest, wildest fetish that you have? If you’re a pretty average guy, then the porn site that we are going to show is ten times weirder than your wildest dreams. If you are as awesome as crazy as I am, though, then we’re all good. It is probably just at the same level as your weirdest fetish. Don’t get me wrong, this porn site that we are going to view today is not strictly for the male audience. Girls just don’t like saying it out loud, but I know that there are also a lot of women out there who would find this porn site kinky, and before they know it, they’re already subscribing to the channel. I bet you are already intrigued with the porn site that we are going to review today so, with no further ado, the porn site’s name is PandaFuck, and according to the tagline of the porn site itself, it is where you will see “hot girls having sex with toys”.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Are Hot girls having sex with toys? That’s not wild at all. In fact, you can see a porn video of a girl having sex with toys in almost all of the other porn sites out there. Yes, while that may be true, these “toys” are also only limited to pink-colored dildos, golden egg vibrators, and the like. What we are talking about here at PandaFuck is not your average sex toy. Here, the ladies get to have sex with a life-size panda stuff toy. In fact, the panda looks like a freaking mascot, only that it has a huge dick. According to the site, the dick is actually a strapon but it looks pretty real to me, from the size up to the colour. Don’t get me mistaken, I have NEVER seen a panda’s dick yet in my entire life but I imagine it’s as black and big as the strapon cock that you’re going to see here.

Anyway, going back, this porn site is actually a part of the porn network WTF. It’s not that surprising really since the network is known to create pretty crazy porn sites. Other porn sites that you might want to take a look at that are also part of the network are The Art Porn, Dolls Porn, and Meet Suck and Fuck. Don’t worry, if they sound interesting to you then you are free to access these sites anyway, granted that you’re going to sign up for PandaFuck. That’s right, all of the eleven porn sites within the WTF porn network are going to be included in the membership package at no additional charge. You have three plans to choose from: a thirty days access, a ninety days access, and a special one-day trial access for those who want to check out the porn site first before signing up for a longer plan.

Site Design

The background of the porn site is very striking. It’s panda fur. While the header has this picture of a hot chick dressed as a sexy nurse with red stockings. It’s as if the girl is giving the panda patient a thorough physical check-up. What’s impressive though is how the red stockings perfectly complement the white and black theme of the site. In fact, all of the bright colours that were used in the design, even if they were used sparingly, made the page looked very put together. They were also put in very strategic places to give that “fun” look.
Below the header, you will see a scrolling frame that contains the links to all of the porn sites within the WTF porn network. They are presented using their logos, which also adds to the colourful element of the page.

Finally, below it, you will be able to see the thumbnails of their content already. There are two types of previews, as there are two containers in the page. The main body, the one on the left, shows different sized thumbnails of their latest uploads along with a short description of the scene and other basic information about the video. While the right panel shows the top five scenes within the site, along with their hottest porn stars.

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Videos & Chicks

Since we are already on the topic of porn stars, let us now talk about them further. Following the theme of the porn site, almost all of the chicks here are fresh and vibrant. It was not really stated anywhere in the site, but as far as we have observed, we haven’t seen a single mature lady yet. Also, most of the chicks that are in the channel, we’ve noticed, are Westerners, particularly blondes and brunettes. We have not seen an Asian or Latina beauty yet.

For instance, in one video, the girl was just in her room when all of a sudden her giant panda stuffed animal went to life and of course, they started doing it. In another video, a hot chick decided to go in the forest – and who would she meet there? Yes, you’ve guessed it right. It’s mister panda once again, with that big dick. Needless to say, no work of art was created that afternoon.

Long Story Short

Like I said, this porn site is also for the ladies. I know that there are a lot of beauties out there who would like to be taken back to the days when they were still experimenting and humping their stuffed animals. Only this time, it’s not your regular teddy bear, it’s a gigantic panda bear with a big black strapon cock! 

If you enjoy this type of fetish then I absolutely recommend this porn site. You may also check the other porn sites from the WTF porn network as well for more fun!



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