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Pantyhose Fuck Review

In Few Words

The PantyhoseFuck is a new website, and it has some pretty good hardcore and fetishist content for your entertainment. On this portal, if you become a member, you gain access to a collection that is exclusive, amateur, or at the best semi-professional porn videos, with Romanian couples who are fucking around the clock. They aren’t just living their usual sex lives to satisfy their bodily needs, but they are also into pantyhose and nylons, so you can expect a lot of kinky things happening.

This porn site has been around for only three years, but it has built a fine collection of hard pornography. There are about 80 scenes for you to watch: one couple shot several scenes, so if you find a couple you like you can find many videos for them. Also, there are a few solo scenes too.

One of the most exciting things about these videos – aside from the fact that they are in HD – is that these are a hundred percent exclusive scenes, shot only for this company, probably by the company’s own crew. The content comes in a slow pace, but when they add a new shot, it’s always pretty good.

Site Design

The home page of the PantyhoseFuck doesn’t offer you too much. The videos are listed through several pages, with medium and big thumbnails for them, and some descriptions. You will get the basic picture of the content from these. In case you like amateurs and fetishes, you should think too much, just head in and enjoy the show! Unfortunately, the members’ area is one of the not-too-strong points of this portal. You can use it easily, that’s true, but there aren’t any advanced options here.

Well, there isn’t that much content for search to be needed, but it could be necessary later. It seems the PantyhoseFuck doesn’t feature streamed videos: if you want to watch something, you have to download it. Since the highest resolution you get is 720p, and the videos are usually under the 20 minutes session, the MP4 files are only 600-700 Megabytes, so with a good connection, you can download them quickly. These files play nicely on almost all devices, although the website itself is not exactly ready for mobile browsing. The downloaded videos are yours to keep, they don’t require identification, passwords or anything like these to play. Just open and enjoy. As far as we could tell, there are no download limitations on the PantyhoseFuck. You will find some pictures on the site too, these are mostly high resolution photos, but there are many video captions among them. You won’t be able to download them as zip galleries, and since download managers are not allowed, you must find another way to save what you like.

You will find some pictures on the site too, these are mostly high-resolution photos, but there are many video captions among them. You won’t be able to download them as zip galleries, and since download managers are not allowed, you must find another way to save what you like.

Greatest premium adult website if you have a sex fetish for the women in nylons

Videos & Chicks

These are all Romanian couples, and they are not professionals, so don’t expect too much from them. However, we must say, the girls are very fine pieces: they are cute chicks, usually under 30, and they have some amazingly tight bodies. Now, the girls and the guys (and probably the crew behind) are amateurs, and you will see that during the first moments you start playing a video, there is some chatter but, in most cases, the action is straightforward. As you might expect from a site with this name, the PantyhoseFuck focuses on pantyhose fetish, and the girls will either wear layers of it in solo action or get banged with pantyhose on. Most girls are fresh cuties and we couldn’t find any MILFs on the videos, however, we didn’t browse through all videos. The guys are average dudes, they have uncut cock mostly, and they are not too spectacular, nor too great lovers. In fact, there is one guy who picked our curiosity, because he was handsome, and he gave a good fuck to his girlfriend.

The largest part of the video collection of the PantyhoseFuck features straight hardcore fun. The couples are going quickly for the juicy action, though to serve your fetish needs, the girls get dressed down slowly, and they are not naked during the intercourse. It might be some Romanian thing, but in most cases, the girls will have a pantyhose on their head, while they get banged. The hardcore action itself is fine, but don’t expect too much: these are real-life couples and they are doing this for fun, not for a living, so the guys will go as soon as they can, they are not prolonging the sex. Actually, the site’s main attracting power is in the fact that the couples are real life amateurs, and they are doing it for real. There is only vaginal penetration, but as you will see, few couples are trying some hot positions too. You are going to find some solo action too, with masturbating and modelling cuties. These solo videos are not bad, and they offer you a good insight on the girls’ body… and your pantyhose fetish needs will be satisfied too: the girls will put on layers and layers of pantyhose and stocking!

Long Story Short

The PantyhoseFuck is one of the best sites of this niche: though the couples are seemingly amateurs, the things they do is pretty awesome, and the pantyhose and nylon fetish in there is really good. We would say that in most cases, the videos here will serve your needs well, and the girls are always pretty and do a good job. The guys are quite average looking, but that’s not much of an issue since we were looking for girls and nylon… and we found a lot of that. If you have a thing for nylons, pantyhose and you like amateur porn, then the PantyhoseFuck is one of the few sites that cover both main niches and could serve your needs well.