Panty Job Review


Panty Job is a panty fetish site for panty lovers. The site focuses on the sexy panties being worn by the gorgeous models rather than the sex taking place. Most sites gets it wrong when they simply shoot hardcore scenes with models wearing panties. For this site, the camera angle revolves around the panties. The site is Europe based and the collections are of models from Europe. There a many fresh faces on the site rather than the familiar faces in various sites, which claim to be exclusive.

Design and Features

The layout of the site is rather simple. If you login, you will notice that the member’s area also has a simple background and design. The background is greyish in colour. The content is divided into softcore and hardcore. The content includes videos and photos. However, the site does not provide a feature to search for content. They also don’t provide information about the models and videos. The videos are downloadable. You can also stream. The photo collection is also available for download. They are downloaded in zip files. The photos can be viewed in thumbnail galleries. They are also available in slide show. For the videos, the content available for download is not available for streaming, while the videos available for streaming are also not available for download. The site is divided into three categories, which are the photo galleries, the streaming videos section, and the downloadable videos section as mentioned earlier. All the sections are available in softcore and hardcore content. An example is the photo gallery section, which recently had an update of about 150 sets. 19 of the photo sets were hardcore while the rest were softcore. Videos are downloadable and available in HD quality of about 1920×1080 pixels. The bit rate is about 8000 kbps. The streaming videos are rather short compared to downloadable ones. The quality is about 950×540 pixels. Both the downloaded and the streaming videos come in single quality WMV format. All content generally is in high quality, which includes the videos and photos.

Girls and Videos:

The girls on the videos are just above the age of consent. It is nice to see them having their panties in a bunch, which the audience should anticipate. They have tender hips wearing pretty and bright-coloured panties. The panties are stretched, wrapped, and rubbed around tongues, fingers and cocks to ignite erotic sensations. The site makes good effort to stick to their niche. You get to see those sexy snippets of lace, silk, cotton and see through panties, which drive the models and their co actors into sexual frenzy. Some of the cool panties include polka dots, plaids and solids. You get to see the horniest girls get into solo scenes, masturbation, licking, posing, teasing and hot fucking. I like to see a fresh cutie pulling the string of her undies aside as she gets hot and nasty. Then the male model with his hard boner thrust inside between the amatuer model’s panty fabric and her tight pussy. There are about 250 videos on the site. 145 of the movies fall in the download category, while 94 fall in the streaming category. The softcore movies in the category are about 76 for the streaming category, and 126 for the download category. Obviously from these numbers, the content is mainly softcore. The site is also updated regularly about 10 times every month which is reliable.


If you are a panty perv, then panty job is a great place for you. There’s not only pretty girls wearing pretty panties while posing and teasing, there is also plenty of panty fucking. The content is clear enough and their focus on the niche is commendable.