Phat Booty Gfs

Phat Booty Gfs Review

In Few Words

Adult content websites that supply individuals with porn videos and photos are all about entertainment. Guys watch porn to get aroused or be entertained. However, there are several things which distinguish a premium site from an amateur one. Phat Booty Gfs is all about high quality videos and photos, sexy and naughty bootylicious women, a good number of videos and photos and more.

Site Design

The primary niche of the site is booty while the secondary niche is hardcore sex and doggy style. All these themes are well displayed on he homepage with images demonstrating what the site is all about. These images gives a new visitor to the site Phat Booty Gfs a glimpse of what they are to expect ones they login to this site. After signing up or keying in your personal details, you are redirected to the members area which looks quite similar to the homepage. The only difference is that there are category tags of the available videos and photos. There are 26 sites in this network including phat booty girlfriends. Others on the network are public videos, black girlfriends sex, cream pie girlfriends, my wife bitch and more.

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Videos & Chicks

The management of Phat Booty Gfs has done quite good job by bringing together some of the newest and hottest phat booty pictures and videos. All these videos and photos are user submitted. Most of them are shot at home using phones and i some few cases high resolution cameras. In some other cases the videos and photos are taken outdoors. You know, a bubbly phat booty can be found anywhere on these planet. There are 1000 plus bootylicious models and all of them are between the ages of 19-40 years. My favourite of them all is this petite beau with such a gorgeous behind. These models use their asses to turn on their viewers. Whether they are being fucked, giving blowjobs, doing solo masturbation, having threesomes or gangbangs. In one of the scenes, my favourite beau is gettting down with another female. They are seated on a couch. Both ladies have killer bodies and big asses. The girls start off the show in a 69 position. They are licking each others clit and rubbing it. At the same time, they spank each others butts and you can tell they are all enjoying it from their body reactions They then incorporate sex toys and my favourite beau is on doggy style position. She is bigging fucked with a big strap on. At the same time she shakes her bum just for your own entertainment and satisfaction. The chick their cums and splashes squart juices allover. In total the site has 72 plus videos. All of the videos can be downloaded or streamed online. There are no photo sets but there are a few images of the videos screen shots on the homepage. The videos and images are of average quality. I think the page is trying to keep its theme of amateur content hence the material is shot at home. The camera work might not be all that but it’s worth checking it out.

Long Story Short

The site has a decent number of videos and images plus members are elligible to access 25 other networks. Members also get live feeds, live camera shows and live chats with the models. The total value for money is highly met. I would highly recommend the site to everyone who is into big delicious booties. This website isn’t updated anymore, take a look at Teenie Black.