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Who likes girlfriends? Now, who likes horny girlfriends and their tits busting out in the open? Hold on to that thought. Public GF Videos is a hot and fun collection of public and outdoor made videos of fresh girlfriends fucking and sucking stiff cocks in the wide open. The collection features a whole lot of voyeur sluts, nude beach-fun-bitches and wild cuties who could not wait to get their asses out. There is definitely something exhilarating about watching these fresh girls getting hot and sweaty outdoors with no care or shame. If you were looking for something different like that, get ready to see some

If you were looking for something different like that, get ready to see some fresh-aired pussy getting licked and fucked all you want! As probably expected, the website is specialized in real amateur content. Mainly, photo galleries and videos of dumb and naive girlfriends who think it is a great idea to go around with their boobs, butts, and vaginas in the open and if that was not enough, get it all on camera!

These cheeky chicks truly come with the spirit to make your late evenings entertaining. Besides a horny, slash, humorous time, as a member, you also get to have daily updates across the network and free access to live cam girls. Naked girls in public as well as on live camera- now who would want to miss that?

Site Design

In terms of design and layout, I found it catching and exactly down to what the whole website is about, this is fresh and joyful chicks ready to have a jolly time in the open. Although its whole lot of images in the background might come out a little as explosive at first, it is so to the point that you will want to see exactly what these girls are all about- which, funny enough, they are mostly in that right word, explosive.

Some photos are so spontaneous and entertaining, you’ll can’t wait to see these chicas with some jizz all over their body (most of them, actually do in the end). Besides offering a whole bunch of videos with blonde bimbos and their tits out, you most importantly get to the fast stream and download it on your computer. Additionally, there are also no ads or any other annoying and distracting features. Another thing I really enjoyed was its clear offering of a wide variety of public videos which, once again, is clearly projected by the pictures on the homepage layout.

From the outside, you can already see that you can literally find all kinds of public videos you want, ranging from girls being fingered as they drive in the car or nudist girlfriends teasing their boyfriends on the beach, all the way to that old quickie somewhere in public like the library. It is not often that you get to see such niche of public videos website with such variety of sex, which is great!

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Videos & Chicks

What you will find are girls who love the thrill of being exposed. And that’s hot. In this blurred line between sexy and hilarious, you will see that not all of them like to simply expose and have sex but also do funny things such as pussy-free cartwheels, humping and throbbing on street poles and a bunch of other stupid, humorous and unexpectedly, turning-on stuff like that. Instead of watching that passionate amateur kind of sex that is already getting old, you will face refreshing voyeuristic videos that will shake your socks off.

See these shameless sluts jumping over street poles, pole dancing on them and showing off their puny pussies to the whole wide world. These girls are fresh and ready to go all out when the film is rolling, showing zero signs of shame or embarrassment. When in groups, you often come to see them doing that to each other, sometimes going down on one another on the bench park or the beach. Watch Jennifer and Jess, two best friends who after a long day on the beach decide to give their boyfriends a private show by going down on one another in the car as they make their way back home. Watching them doing that for a couple of minutes will certainly make your world go round as your man-friend goes up! As a side note, these chicks are often very good looking too, which for some reason is hard to come by in these kinds of amateur videos. With their itsy-bitsy waists, sexy legs and perky tits, all of the fresh age.

You will find all types of girls as certainly all types of girls enjoy having sex in public. Get ready to meet different types of public girlfriends: Caucasian, North-American, Latina, European and even Asian! Skinny, chubby, tanned, tall and short. You will meet stupid and busty-tittied blondes of the best kind. The kind who will flash on camera for a candy bar and suck that dick for a lift home. You will also meet just plain naughty and horny chicks who like to record themselves naked and fucking in public. The dudes love it and the girls love it too- it’s fucking great (literally!). The best one I saw was one of a naughty girl, who wanted to tease her boyfriend as he was driving, showing off her tits and fingering herself, distracting him so much he almost crashes. It was hilarious to watch her doing that as he got mad horny, so horny that he decides to stop the car and fuck her on the side street!

Long Story Short

Public GF Videos’ collection is sexy as well as fun and exciting. There is nothing more turning on than girls showing their goodies to you, with no clue you are watching them on the net. If there is a website that makes the internet a more entertaining place, than this porn site is definitely one. Never, was I so easily amused and turned on at the same time! Certainly a different and certainly a must-try experience!

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