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In Few Words

A top-rated Indian porn site, Yellowplum Ltd.’s RealIndianSexScandals is a porn lover’s paradise to enjoy realistic and authentic sex clips featuring real couples and people. Authentic and genuine sex is hard to come by these days because the porn industry is laced with scripted porn scenes, clips, and themes, that will fetch you a great time, but the intimacy that you would want to see in these clips is absent. To enjoy a sex video where there is a high level of intimacy between the hunk and the chick, scandalous MMS clips are probably the best. And that’s what you get on RealIndianSexScandals.

The scandalous videos that are submitted by the users themselves, after shooting the scenes on their mobiles, or digicams or camcorders are sufficient to set the temperatures soaring and adrenaline rushing to your cock. Unlike scripted porn where sex is pushed down the throat because it is a porn video, these scandalous clips show sex in the most natural way, with the chicks relishing sucking cocks, and naturally moaning and screaming as the boyfriend or husband fucks the hell out of her.

We’ve put up this review for your perusal so that you can get firsthand information about what RealIndianSexScandal is, and why it will add significantly to your jerk off experience. Trust me, if you get accustomed to the sex videos here, you’ll want to watch these videos without fail, every night, till you get bored of it. And getting bored of these videos is out of the question. So, sit back, relax, enjoy and jerk off to the sexiest Indian sluts on RealIndianSexScandals.

Site Design

The creators of RealIndianSexScandals have made a tremendous job of keeping the design of the site simple and clear. Everything about the design and features is awesome, and as a guest, you get to view only the homepage. Members get access to all the porn contents, which vary in length from about 10 minutes to about an hour or so. However, the design doesn’t change, and that’s what we will discuss in this section.

RealIndianSexScandals has ensured that the Indian aspect of the site is maintained throughout, and the creators have opted to organize the site into three separate sections. This is a very effective design for it separates various sections clearly, and you know what to look for and where.

The header at the top contains a collage, or a montage of pictures placed at various places with Indian housewives and girlfriends sucking cocks, spreading their legs wide, having their nipples sucked, and getting fucked. These are mini-thumbnails surrounded by grey splashes. There are about a dozen and a half such thumbnails which not only look awesome but also give you a glimpse of what to find ahead.

As a member of RealIndianSexScandals, you can upload or submit your homemade porn clips. Submitting your homemade clips, featuring your cute and sexy Indian girlfriend in her birthday suit and fucking you with all her energy, can also fetch handsome rewards.

The main body of the site offers 64 videos that are spread across 8 subsections with 8 videos in each subsection. The large thumbnails show a screenshot of the kinkiest and sexiest part of the clip, which will surely entice you to explore the video in detail. There’s a level of comfort that is evident because the videos feature real couples. You can hear the couple talking, the guy instructing his girlfriend or wife to strip, spread her legs, play with her nipples and then, lays down the camera to fuck her. The moans are so genuine, your cock will yearn for that sultry Indian bitch to fuck hard.

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Videos & Chicks

Getting down to business, let’s describe the kind of chicks that RealIndianSexScandals has managed to lay its hands on. Remember, this is a scandalous site, so, you won’t find any pin-up porn star or an artificially enhanced chick, spreading her legs as demanded by the director or cameraman. In these videos, the director and cameraman are the husband or boyfriend, and in some cases, the slut herself. Check out the videos in which the bitch records herself in the shower. She is both the director and the cameraman in this case.

Let’s get this fact straight. Indian chicks come from conservative families and sex is considered a taboo before marriage. But after marriage, or in many cases, where there is a level of intimacy between the chick and her boyfriend, the equation changes, and they indulge in crazy sex. You’ll find newlyweds having sex for the first-time on their wedding night. Or openly roaming around in their birthday suits in their rooms. There are videos of guys secretly capturing naked aunties bathing, or even peeing, while the chicks themselves take the lead in recording their kinky sexual acts for their carnal enjoyment.

Whatever is the kind of video presented to you, you’ll always remember that these chicks are for real, and the sex is as true as it can get. Whether it is sucking a cock, or getting fucked, you can see the precum oozing out of the penile and vaginal orifices. The glistening of the glans and labia are sufficient indications that the stud and bitch are highly aroused to indulge in the most passionate and intimate sex you can ever think of.

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Long Story Short

RealIndianSexScandals is an excellent site to enjoy real Indian couples fucking, bathing and stripping. The scandalous videos and MMS clips are recorded by these sultry chicks, or their horny boyfriends, and shared to the entire world. The natural bodies that these sluts are endowed with can drive your cock quite crazy. Natural settings, like their bedrooms, hotel rooms and bathrooms add to the kinky and horny nature of the videos.

RealIndianSexScandals is a very affordable site to subscribe to and comes with a trial pack, recurring and non-recurring short and medium-term plans and a non-recurring long-term plan. The non-recurring long-term plan is the best, offering you discounts. What more can you ask for from a realistic porn site? Become a member, now.



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