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In Few Words

Porn never ceases to surprise us. Very often, some of the most innovative techniques of delivering content have come from this industry. Who thought live cam shows would change the way porn will be delivered to consumers? And consumers, i.e. porn lovers, lapped it up as if it were a cup of ice-cream. Today, porn lovers have another reason to rejoice and this time, to experience porn in a virtual environment. Yes, after the gaming industry, porn has actively taken up virtual reality to deliver a very realistic porn experience to lovers the world over.

While there are only a handful of sites offering VR-based porn, I loved one such site, RealityLovers. There is something very intriguing about RealityLovers that I could not resist falling in love with it. The reasons could be plenty, but I believe that it must be its design and features, and the sluts who model for this site. True, the success of any site is, first and foremost, its chicks. If they happen to be established porn stars who know how to give amazing porn performances, half the job is done. The remaining 50% of the success comes from the delivery and this is where design and features of the site step in.

It is an honor and privilege for me to review a fabulous site like RealityLovers and provide you with my opinion. However, this review is my opinion and you don’t need to take my word for it. If you did, it is good, but if you did not, you are always free to visit this site and get your first-hand information. One thing for sure is that you will not go back disappointed, and you will subscribe to this site, once you know what it offers you.

Site Design

You may have experienced watching porn on some VR porn sites, and watching VR porn on RealityLovers is not very different. You need to use appropriate gear such as Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, or you can even convert your smartphone into one. The general feel about VR is it is similar to POV, but with a technological twist. With the VR gear, you get to watch your porn in 3D, have an 180o view of your room, and binaural sound that will give you a very realistic porn experience. RealityLovers is no different, and you will require these gears to experience the porn. A new age and trendy design welcome you to the site. On a background consisting of two sexy and naked sluts licking their tongues, you are sure to go wild. Links to Home, Join, Login, Help, and Blog are on the right with logo on the left. What you see on scrolling down will blow your mind away.

Over 60 videos, arranged in over 12 pages, with five videos on each page. The videos are arranged in the order of their release date. Each video has a title, a brief description, 10 thumbnails and the duration of the video. On clicking the thumbnails, you will find a pop-up screen showing the photo in an enlarged format. The photos are in 1080p full HD quality, and I am sure, you will love the photographs very much. The video is loaded on a video player and you can watch a three-minute trailer for free. The trailer will blow your mind away, for even without a VR gear, we loved to watch the video. We realized the 3D effect that the video provided, and vouched this was the best thing ever to grace the internet. All videos are loaded on an alternating red and gray background. This makes the videos stand out, and the alternating red/gray gives you a very pleasant feeling.

The site updates twice every week, and at the top of the site, before the trailers begin, you will find the next two videos that will be released, along with their release dates. On subscribing, you will need to keep checking this site out, so that you can make the most of it.
But wait, there is another way to keep yourself updated. Check out the Blog page and you will know why I said so. You can subscribe to updates, so this will provide you with an avenue to know when the next new releases are slated for and what are the videos. The blog section will also give you information regarding news items and articles written on this site by porn lovers. You will also find a link to the pornstars featured on this site, as well as a search tool. A tad tedious, but the blog section will keep you engaged for a long time to come.

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Videos & Chicks

I know you guys very well. You watch porn because you want to check out the sexiest sluts. Your fetish for boobs is very well known, and the first thing you will check out in any porn star are her boobs. Am I right? Don’t worry. Count me too, for I too love the sight of breasts staring at me. Sucking, fondling and groping are my favorite pastimes whenever I see these breasts.

When the slut happens to be a porn star with a well-maintained body, it is the icing on my cake. Such porn stars strive hard to keep their body in the right shape, for they are going to be fucked throughout the day, from morning to night, and in numerous places, such as bedrooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor, in buses, cars, and where not. All these beauties have either a well-trimmed pussy or a shaved pussy. I like the shaved pussy chick because I love kissing the shaved area, feel its smoothness against my cheek, and blow warm air there. Trust me, it will arouse the chick so much that you will find precum oozing from those pussies.

The girls’ section in the blog link will give you more information about these porn stars. You will find that the porn stars are diverse, ranging from ebonies, Latinas, Americans and Europeans. Not only are the porn stars diverse, the video themes are equally diverse too. From solo masturbating performance to threesomes, traditional and female POV and lesbian sex, you have a variety of themes to enjoy.

I loved one outdoor sex involving two chicks and of course, you. Alex Black is a dark haired, dirty slutty bitch who knows only one thing. Sex with a hunk. She cannot think of anything else if she sees a hot hunk. On a picnic with her you, she cannot resist her urge to fuck you outdoors and proceeds to undress and you. She takes your dick, sucks it, massages your penis with her breasts. When you thought that she would ride you, blonde cunt Cayla Lyons arrives. Not liking to be left behind, she wants a share of your cock. You are staring at Alex and Cayla, not knowing what to do. Alex and Cayla take turns to suck your penis, and then they support each other to fuck you. Inserting your dick into each others’ pussy, they love to watch them go up and down your rod, as they fuck you. The climax is excellent, when you cum on Alex she shares it with Cayla and you cannot contain your pleasure. I do not want to describe these sluts, for you should look at them yourself. You will not like to take your eyes off them.

Long Story Short

What we did not mention earlier was the subscription. You have two subscriptions options, a recurring and a prepaid option. The recurring option has a monthly plan, quarterly plan, and annual plan. Opt for the annual plan if you choose the recurring subscription. The prepaid option gives you the option of watching one video, three videos or five videos. Obviously, 5 videos are fine. Great sluts, sexy videos, affordable pricing and a host of other features makes RealityLovers a must sign-up site. Don’t give it a second thought, and click on Join, now.



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