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In Few Words

Redhead Pain presents to you a chick with a rather sophisticated personality online. However, I bet she is on the softer side in real life. That’s true! Scarlet Pain is her name, and she is a renowned entertainer. Subjectively, I have seen here in several raunchy scenes. I always get off by her sight. She is damn hot with tattoos and piercings. Do you want to know more about Scarlet? If yes, keep reading folk!

Site Design

Redhead Pain had a decent design. It is also simple and basic. I realized that the major focus here is quality content. There are glitches when it comes to navigation. Moving around the site was very easy and I did so with much agility. The site is very responsive, it responds instantly when you click on a certain command. The layout is worth mentioning.

The site is well arranged, from the tabs, links, and content. On the welcoming page, you can see a huge image of sexy Scarlet naked with her red hair signature. You have to ascertain that you have attained the age of consent prior to entering into the home page.

The black background theme always favors me because it is easy to the eyes and the brain, too. The media here can be accessed onsite or offline. For offline use or viewing the videos are downloadable and there are no DRM restrictions – downloading is unlimited. There is an in built Flash player that enables you to stream the videos online seamlessly.

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Videos & Chicks

She sports many piercings and tattoos and a desire for getting turned on when she feels the needle and ink pain. That is way hilarious! The body art reveals that she loves being a self-expressionist. Here you will see pics and clips of her donning sexy attire and then strip them once more. This platform is part of the Solo Girls Passport network of platforms.

Scarlet comprises uniqueness within herself and that is something you should realize after spending some good time on the site. She seems to love the woman she is currently. You can see her poise oozing in the scenes as she walks around majestically with just a thong. The moment I laid my eyes on this smart, gorgeous nubile chic, I saw her beauty is compared to none. She has this confidence that I have not seen in ages. Adding her erotic endeavors, be sure to shake.

This chick toys us with balloons whilst she is smoking. Stoners will get excited by this stuff. There were some foot fetish sets and that is a positive. There are scenes where Scarlet looks at the camera and begins to speak. She is telling her followers that she wants them to cum on her face.

Most of the content in here is soft-core, but it is of a very high quality. The films are coming in several formats. The first format is the Windows Media videos with 640 x 360 pixels with bit rates of 4200 kilobytes per second. Secondly, there is the Flash format that also has dimensions of 640 x 360. The third format is the MPEG4 that entails a resolution of 640 x 360 and 2Mbps. A membership will offer you entry to 30 other solo model personality platforms. 

Long Story Short

Redhead Pain presents a volcanic hot chick. She is widely liked. The site is flawless. Browsing the site is a bliss both on PC and portable gadgets. The scenes are exciting – boy! Remember to invest in some jelly. There will be a lot of jerking away some worries. I cannot find anything on the negative side to mention. It is just perfect! Sign up on Red HeadPain! The site has been deleted, if you like this kind of content take a look at Naughty America.

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