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In Few Words

We all have our personal favorites when it comes to porn, whether it’s plain vanilla sex or horny adults banging in public. But if you are into sensual oil massages with nubile and skinny girls, then this website is for you! RubATeen is Team Skeet’s newest niche website about getting down to rubbing girls the right way. But girls rubbing themselves is not all Team skeet is offering, they have at least three unique features, a trial period and girls that will make you hard as a rock! If you want to know more, then read on further and see how these cuties with the booty will do anything for a stiff one.

Site Design

When you log in, the first thing you are greeted with a bright and colorful photo collage of women moaning with pleasure and writhing in pure ecstasy. It is easy to navigate without getting lost since the home page updates the newest upload first, which I guess is what some people would like to see. But it isn’t just the bright colors and flashy photos that got RubATeen popular in fact, the three main features that makes them popular are “Add to Favorite”, Model Index as well as access to their other niches websites.

Let’s begin with the first one, which is the “Add to Favorite” feature. When you chance upon a video you like and would like either to watch it again or later, you can simply add it to a “Favorites” list where you can easily access them instead of searching for the video all over the website.

The second feature is the Model Index. As the name implies, this part of the website lists all the girls with their stage name, personal statistics, short bio and many more. Another interesting fact about this model index page is in every individual model’s page, her videos are image galleries are linked so you can easily access them without going through a search engine. The current number of models upon the creation of this review is 64, which is quite an impressive number.

The last and my personal favorite feature is the access to Team Skeet’s other niche websites. Don’t get me wrong, I like girls giving each other an oily massage with a happy ending but if I had to watch the same thing repeatedly, it tends to get a little boring. Which is why Team Skeet is throwing in at least 22 different websites that is owned by them, websites such as Innocent High, Clothed Female Naked Male, The Real Work Out and many more! Now if you’re still the doubting Thomas, then why not try their free 2-days pass? Since it’s sort of like a trial membership, you will at least have 70% access to the website and all its features, but it will still allow you to see a couple of videos without paying a cent.

Videos & Chicks

Let me begin by saying that the girls featured in this website are cute and innocent on the outside, but get intensely freaky after a few minutes of getting rubbed down. It also doesn’t hurt that these ladies are gorgeous, skinny and very supple. The way their curves move and bend around my eyes are making me want my head massaged by their rotund breasts. There of course is a variety of women but majority of them are American and blonde of hair, which I really don’t mind because it makes the fantasy much more real.

As of writing this, there are at least 86 movies uploaded, they are viewed as preview tiles with their respective titles and dates. So far, I have only seen male masseurs performing on female clients, but I hope they will upload some lesbian action soon since that is one of my personal favorites. Streaming or watching the videos online has a couple of options: watching in low, medium and high definition along with six downloading options. Depending on which video you are watching, they typically last for at least 30 minutes. But if you don’t have time to watch the entire 30 minutes, you can either watch the trailer to see if it’s worth your time.

But if the trailer is still not enough to convince you, then you can use the review time option called “Best of Reel”. This is where you can see one minute highlight clips of the video, kind of like a “sneak peek”. These videos also come with a gallery with roughly 200 plus pictures of each video, but of course that number varies from time to time. Much like the video, the picture can also be viewed in lower or higher resolution and is mobile device friendly. The navigation is quite simple, and you can download the entire gallery of photos as a set in a neat and convenient ZIP file.

Long Story Short

To recap, RubATeen is a website about girls getting more than just a massage. If you decide to become a member not only will you get to view and download the videos in the resolution of your choice, but you will be also able to access the model index, save videos to your favorite list, and access to at least 22 bonus websites.

There are numerous massage-themed adult video websites but none have surpassed the content and quality of RubATeen website and that along with their bonuses is just what separated them from the loads of fakes. If you are looking for a place that has it all and then some, this website is the best adult video website both for your pleasure, and your wallet. So, the real question is, what is stopping you from signing up? If you are still unconvinced at this unbelievable website, then why not put those doubts to rests taking a site tour and two day pass so you can really get the happy ending you deserve. This website doesn’t exist anymore, check this BangATeen review for hot porn videos with chicks.


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