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In Few Words

One of the unique live sex sites to lay your eyes on, Sakura Live brings us cute Japanese models fresh from their private little showrooms. Unlike other live cam sites, Sakura Live is the cheapest, yet one of the best services that I ever encountered in town. You sure can’t get enough of these horny amateurs in these live porn webcams. And guess what? They also prepared their fancy toys for you. 

Site Design

Sakura Live is a live chat website where you can see interesting services such as Japanese girls masturbating while doing a live video. And because it is live, you can instruct girls to do crazy things right in front of you. The site understands how struggling it may be looking at these adorable bitches from a distance when in fact, all you want to do is to caress them and fuck their brains out. So to fix this misery, the site includes a couple of interactive features that you can use to virtually touch and release your juice to these ladies.

In a private chat session, you can virtually touch the girl wherever you want. What actually happens on the other side of the screen is that you are giving the girls an idea which part of her body you are touching. You can touch her boobs, her ass, her pussy or her face and expect a response from the model. Aside from touching, you can also show her where you want to kiss her and where you want to lick her. If you’re thinking of licking her pussy, then go and show her your intentions. You will be amazed to see her reaction as she imagines you eating her out with your warm and aggressive tongue. Aside from that, you can also drive her imagination wilder by showing her that you’re fingering her. It’s even better if you can show her how you want to fuck her by controlling her dildo. In just a few clicks, you can adjust the speed and movement of her dildo however you want as you watch her orgasm in front of you. When you’re ready to cum, you can show her where you want to release those warm manly juice through the Bukkake button. You can have it on her breasts, on her ass, on her stomach, inside her mouth and even inside her pussy. If you feel satisfied with the virtual sex, you can show your appreciation and satisfaction by sending her gift. These girls surely deserve this lovely deed, don’t you think?

Sakura Live works through purchasing and spending points to avail the live webcam sessions. It does not have a membership process, unlike other porn sites where you have to pay an annual fee of a certain amount. In Sakura Live, you immediately pay for the service you avail. The girls, of course, have different prices. This also includes the services that you want to get. If you are running out of points, the site makes sure that the recharging link is visible anywhere you are on the site so you can easily get points as needed.

Navigating the site is just smooth and easy. It is also very straight-forward. In the homepage, you will immediately see a list of available models that you can chat with. You really can’t tell which models are for which type of service because everyone does all types of things depending on their availability. You can easily tell which models are available because of the colors that lights next to their pictures. Blue means that the model is doing a public chat, red light means the model is doing a private session and the green light means that the model is not doing any shows and is available. You can also see next to their pictures which models are using dildos and sex toys.

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Videos & Chicks

Business must be doing pretty well in Sakura Live because you can find over 21000 model accounts on the site already. This is good news for those sex-crazed fans though because this means that they have more chances of meeting beautiful and horny Japanese cuties. Although the site is made up of Japanese beauties, there are also some models who look Western. But that does not mean that they are not welcome in Sakura Live, right? Anyway, the site is made up of amateur models who perform live masturbation shows in their rooms. There is no centralized location for filming these live sex sessions but you can be assured that the quality of the videos is excellent. Just like those who want to watch these live cams, I believe the models are also required to assure a certain internet speed and CPU power before joining.

The models are flawless. There are a lot of girls who are porcelain white. Their face also looks charming and fresh that they almost look like sex dolls. There is also a variation in the physical features of the girls. Some girls have big boobs and tight asses which I really like. Majority of the girls also have a set of sex toys that you can also play by controlling them. Unlike other live cam sites, I have seen a lot of online girls that they gave me a hard time choosing. This is a big plus! 

Long Story Short

If you have not discovered it yet, Sakura Live is a porn site that you should not miss. In this site, you will not only jerk yourself off but you can also interact with the girls virtually through the set of tools that you can use while in the private session. I had a wonderful time and a hundred percent satisfaction level with this site and I’m pretty sure that you will feel the same way too! So why don’t you try it? It’s cheap and affordable. By using the points system, you are sure that you only spend your money on services that you want to get, nothing more, nothing less.



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