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In Few Words

What SexyHub offers the members is something that will make you hard and you will find it that you actually enjoy the videos on the site. The name perfectly describes the site, because, in fact, it’s a sexy hub, providing the visitors with a large collection of porn movies, coming from the workshop of five different studios. The main aim of the studios that have their videos on the SexyHub is to produce quality videos, and quantity is only secondary. That’s the main reason why won’t you get tens of thousands of short flicks of 5 minutes, but instead more than 1000 longer, and full videos.

Each studio produces different porn, and you can access all of them from the SexyHub’s members’ zone, without leaving the site itself. You may also find it that the videos are all exclusive, and with the regular updates, you can’t possibly run out of quality porn to watch, but if you do, you can have a hot chat with some exciting cuties.

Let’s take a quick look at the studios that are producing the content of SexyHub. The Lesbea produces videos featuring stunning lesbians, making love in more sensual ways, and still do some of the heavier things too; if you want more lesbian sex, you should check out the videos of GirlFriends too. MassageRooms offers steamy rub and fuck sessions, featuring couples (masseuse-client) and threesomes too. Those who like the MILFs will enjoy the erotic hardcore scenes of the MOMXXX, presenting straight and lesbian sex too. DaneJones focuses on the sensual yet heavy sex, so you can enjoy some very good straight porn movies from this studio. Producing quality over quantity also means that the actual videos are also very good to watch, and you will enjoy the sharp and clean picture, the superb lighting and setup all coming in high resolutions.

Site Design

The design of SexyHub is really friendly and inviting. The large buttons and the large thumbnails are all good to look at. The tour on the site offers you only the thumbnails for the scenes, but if you like, you can watch trailers if you visit the sites of the studios. The mobile page has the same design but the layout is optimized, and you will find it very easy to use. The members’ area has the same simple design and layout. You can browse the videos by choosing a studio or organize the list by some filtering options. There is also a basic search engine built in.

The video player is big, and if you want, you can watch the scenes online in full screen too, and even in 720p HD. You can watch and save as much as you want, the videos are available for downloading also, and those files offer HD quality too. Each studio offers high-resolution pictures for their videos. You can browse the photos in your browser, or if you are more of a collector, you are granted with the option to download each set in zip files.

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Videos & Chicks

It’s a kind of hard to express how a man feels when he sees the girls of the studios of the SexyHub, because they are not just sexy or gorgeous, but the whole movies they shot are stimulating and arousing. These cuties are all pornstars, and you can see them in multiple movies, doing some really exciting sex. The girls are mostly Caucasians, maybe some Asians and Latinas appear in the movies, but it’s quite sure that you won’t find here any Black girls. One would expect pornstars to have fake tits, upgraded lips and that their whole appearance is weird. (And don’t tell that you don’t think that some all-fake pornstars don’t look weird)

The chicks you can see here are mostly naturals, and even those who possibly have some implants are looking great like they were as they came to this world. Since the main focus of this network is to provide the members with sensual, erotic porn, it was just necessary to pick girls who look not just fuckable, but also tempting and like they know how good the sex can be, and they are capable of enjoying it. When you see these girls in action, you will see that there are mostly two kinds of them: the fresh, tight chicks, and the horny and amazing MILFs.

The best thing about the SexyHub is that it tries to bring not just sensuality, but also hardcore sex in the videos it provides. The scenes are scripted, and all of them cover the most popular hardcore niches, and though they are very erotic, don’t expect them to be soft. The DaneJones videos usually feature couples having sex; doing it in various positions, and there are all kinds of endings, including facials, creampies, and body cumshots. There are two studios offering exciting lesbian porn: GirlFriends and Lesbea. On the first one, you will find steamy lesbian scenes between girls at the same age, while the other features some fresh girl on MILF sex, which makes usually really stimulating, and utterly exciting movies. The MoMXXX and the MassageRooms are two hardcore sites, and the first one usually features MILFs, and the second one is an example work of the massage room porn-niche. All studios that make the movies for the SexyHub are doing an excellent job, not just the quality, but the regularity of the updates is good, and while you watch the movies you may get not just the feeling that turns you on, but also a calming sensation.

Long Story Short

If you are looking for quality porn videos featuring really hot girls and erotic sex, the SexyHub is the right place to start. Those who are watching porn regularly may already saw scenes from DaneJones, and if that’s the case, they should know that it’s better in HD. All sites are updated regularly, and a large number of scenes grow higher and higher almost with each passing day. You will find it that the good videos on this site are all worth to check out, and for this quality, the membership fee is a real bargain considering the prices that many sites ask for lower quality videos.



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