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In Few Words

Have you ever watched really great romantic movies, and become so involved in the story, that you laughed and cried with the main characters? Did the love scenes make you want more? Imagine feeling like that and getting that extra more. Yes, I do know porn that is freely available for you to see, doesn’t have any of the romance, the love and the connection between two people. It almost feels like the two starts are mechanically having sex, which does nothing for us, especially as women. We all crave and want that special connection with someone and that translates into what really gets us off. We love the feeling where we feel like we can shed our inhibitions and feel lost in the moment feeling nothing but love and respect from our partner. There is a lot of porn that covers all kind of fetishes, but there isn’t a lot of it that actually makes porn with the women in mind. It is all very chauvinistic. Sure, there are some people who get off on such stuff, but there has to be something that even women enjoy watching.

This is where your search finally ends. At Sssh, women’s needs are everything. Why? Because this site is made for women, by women who were bored off everything floating around on the world wide web which didn’t do anything to stimulate their minds and their bodies. And since they themselves are women, they definitely know what you want and what gets you goose bumps on your body, getting your panties wet.

Site Design

The website looks right out a vintage romance novel cover. The mood it emits is sexy and dreamy. It is pretty and yet classy and elegant at the same time.

The top part of the page has a really beautiful blonde girl dressed in an off-white lacy slip, all angelic and sexy, putting you into the right mood. There are neatly organized tabs placed under the picture such as home, returning members, free magazine preview etc. on the bottom left there is a welcome note and the same below it is used to announce updates on the site. For example, there is a fantasy contest coming up where you can submit your erotic stories. On the other side of the page, there are neatly placed thumbnails, such as, man of the month, ask a man, discreet shopping and so much more.

The colors used on the site are dull rose pink, mauve, light blue and off white. This is the nicest color combination that they could have come up with making the atmosphere very romantic. There is even a flowery-leafy design which is present in the background, which gives it that added element. They even have a slide show, which rotates every 5 seconds, with very racy pictures on it. They have really done a very good job with the website.

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Videos & Chicks

Sssh is a very different site from all of the usual sites that you can see. It is an absolute thrill to browse through all of the content that they have made available for you. There are so many things to choose from like movies, videos, erotica, audio books and so much more. The movies range from masturbation to BDSM, so you can tell that they have managed to cover almost all ground when it comes to fetishes. The also do have an ‘all about you section’ where you can get a better understanding of your body and also know everything about masturbation.

You can ask queries, explore more though the columns and articles that they have. They have a lot of intense content for lesbians as well. They have a lot of movies, photos and erotica’s that are made available. And if you are confused about your sexuality there are different articles that might help you discover more about yourself. There is even the man of the month, which is a monthly contest held, where the members vote and a bunch of sexy men’s pictures are put up, for the entire month. And the audio books on this site are absolutely unforgettable. They have the kinkiest stories possible. But the best part is that men with really deep sexy voices read them, which is more than enough to get yourself really, really turned on. Also available is the man channel, where men, strip and get naked, to entertain a group of women.

There are a little over 200 videos that can be streamed and downloaded; most of the videos are in Full HD quality. And a little over a hundred and fifty photo sets. If you download these photo sets, you will find that all of them are in high resolution and attached to these photos is an erotic story.

You never have to struggle to picture a face while imagining and pleasuring yourself now. Also, they follow a system where they rate the erotica, videos and pictures with ‘lips’, which helps you differentiate between the really, really kinky and the sweet romantic stuff. So, you never ever have to watch anything that you don’t want to.

Long Story Short

This site is truly brilliant as it brings together romance, sex and the kink all in one space. It is an amazing website for women as it not only provides you with the kink that you need in your life, but it also caters to your sexual well being, fitness, fashion, beauty etc. They even have forums for dating, relationship and marriage advice. This is truly a one-stop destination as they even have, a shopping section where you can buy goodies for yourself in case you want a change in the scene occasionally.

There is literally no other site, which can bring to the table as much as they have. So, what are you waiting for, go and live your fairytale or your secret rendezvous with Sssh.



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